Mélanie González (Large Families) regrets on the eve of a project that she never dared to carry out

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In the new episode of Large families: life in XXL Broadcast this Monday, March 25 on TF1, Mélanie González expresses her regret on the eve of a project that she never dared to do before in her daily life as a mother…

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A timely opportunity. Last summer was not the sunniest for Mélanie and Franck González. As the faithful of Large families: life in XXL In TF1, the 38-year-old mother suffered a miscarriage. Given the gap between the summer filming of season eight episodes and reality, viewers of the show learned this tragic news last week. Therefore, the couple needed to rebuild themselves during this period and, above all, clear their minds. Hence their new project: giving themselves a vacation just for the two of them. For the first time in twenty years of union!

Melanie Gonzalez (Large families) feels guilty about leaving her eight children for a week for the first time

After this emotional storm, Mélanie and Franck González are determined to enjoy themselves as a couple under the sun of Marrakech. But as a good mother of eight children, the executive assistant has a hard time imagining herself sitting on a lounge chair at the water’s edge. “I tell myself that I’m actually a bad mother, I’m selfish, I think about myself. The children were sad this morning… Are we right to leave? Maybe we shouldn’t “I don’t think so “As for my children , something could happen to them and I wouldn’t be there.”, declares in the new episode broadcast this Monday, March 25, on the front page. A concern that couldn’t be more normal for someone who never takes a break without his two daughters and his six children.

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Melanie Gonzalez (Large families) talks about his difficulty lifting his foot

After a hug with her older brother in the kitchen, Mélanie González confesses: “I’m going to miss my little ones. My daily life is marked by my children, my life is like that. Having to turn off my brain, I don’t know what it will be like, even if I feel like I’m shit, I’m really exhausted.”. Then he goes upstairs backwards to prepare his luggage. “It’s hard for me to pack my bags because it means I’m leaving, and if I’m leaving, I’m leaving my children behind and I don’t like that feeling.”says the partner of a business executive who, however, is excited about the surprises of her future stay. “Au début, je vais être contente (…) mais je redoute le fourtrième, cinquième, sixième jour… Là, je thought que ça va être long. Après, ça va nous faire du bien qu’on se retrouve que both”admits.

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