“Maybe it was too much…” This moving sequence of Barbara Cabrita (Alix) at the moment of Anna’s death that was cut during editing.

For its finale on TF1 this Thursday, January 25, the miniseries of the event Rivière-Perdue reserves a shocking sequence for the viewers. A scene that led Bárbara Cabrita to make an unexpected gesture.

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This Thursday, January 25 at 9:10 p.m., TF1 broadcasts the last two episodes of its miniseries Rivière-Perdue, TF1 event fiction. Adapted from the Spanish format. The Monteperdido Hunt (available on MyCanal), this six-episode dramatic miniseries filmed in the magnificent settings of the Pyrenees portrays the anguish of families and police in a case of missing children during an intrigue that navigates between suspense, spectacular and intimate action scenes. sequences. The cast includes familiar faces from the small screen such as Barbara Cabrita, Nicolas Gob, Jean-Michel Tinivelli (whose character was found dead in episode 4), Odile Vuillemin, Bruno Debrandt, Kamel Belghazi, Annelise Hesme and, of course, the dog . Choupette, who tamed all of her colleagues on set.

Rivière-Perdue : this fun detail added by Bárbara Cabrita to her character

Viewers of the TF1 miniseries will have noticed that Alix, the researcher played by Barbara Cabrita, has a pronounced taste for chicory. It is a small nod that the actress, a lover of this drink, wanted to add as a small characteristic to her character. “It wasn’t written in the script. We see police roles on TV all the time, and I told myself that if there were little things or human quirks, that would be fine. And at the time, and it’s still relevant today, I was drinking chicory and everyone was making fun of me, telling me it’s kind of old, but I love it, it replaces coffee, I think it’s great. So I proposed this to the director and production who kindly agreed.Is”.

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Rivière-Perdue : this reflection of Barbara Cabrita cut during editing during Anna’s death

The penultimate episode of the series concludes with the shocking discovery of Anna’s lifeless body near the river. The camera first shows Alix near the teenager’s corpse before cutting to the horrified face of her mother, Marion (Odile Vuillemin). Bárbara Cabrita then had an instinctive reaction. “In a moment that was not kept in the montage, when Alix discovers Anna White’s body and Marion sees her dead daughter, I had the reflex to climb onto Charlotte Lacoste (Anna) to cover her.narrator Bárbara Cabrita. It was a purely instinctive gesture. Like some kind of wolf, I had the reflex to climb on top of the actress to hide her. Maybe it was too much (laughs). In fact, I told myself that if I were a police officer and there was a mother who saw her daughter dead, she would do everything she could to hide the body from her.“, confesses the actress whose impulsive reaction was not preserved in the final cut.

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