Matthew Vaughn wants to adapt this famous comic with Henry Cavill

Currently, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has become extinct with Aquaman and the lost kingdom. Which also means that Henry Cavill is done with the Superman character. However, Matthew Vaughn, who recently worked with the comedian on to argy, I would love to adapt this iconic Superman comic with Henry Cavill in the lead role.

superman: later

In 2013, Superman opens the DCEU with Iron Man. Made by Zack SnyderThe feature film is the official inauguration of the DCEU and presents Henry Cavill as Superman. A character that will later assume four times inside Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), League of Justice (2017), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) and black adam (2022). black adam I even had to sign his great return in the skin of the Kryptonian. Bad moment for the actor since Warner has decided to change its mind and close the DCEU in 2023 with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Henry Cavill and Superman

Therefore, this connected universe ended in complete disinterest after about fifteen films. James Gunn and Peter Safran They were appointed to head DC Films to take the reins of the DCEU and offer something new. Therefore, the two men decided to wipe the slate clean with the past, put an end to the DCEU, and launch a new connected universe: the DC Universe (DCU).

A completely new universe that will begin in 2025 with Superman: Legacy. A new adaptation of the Man of Steel, directed by James Gunn himself, with David Corenswet as Clark Kent. However, the filmmaker Matthew Vaughn I would like it very much directing Henry Cavill for the last time as Superman.

Matthew Vaughn in Attack of Superman?

Matthew Vaughn has experience in the superhero genre. It is to him that we owe, in particular, Kick ass (2010), X-Men: The Beginning (2011) and the trilogy King man. Recently, Matthew Vaughn returned to theaters with his eighth feature film: For Argy. A spy comedy starring Henry Cavill and Bryce Dallas Howard.

During an interview with brobiblepromote to argy, Matthew Vaughn has made no secret of his interest in the character of Superman. And more particularly for cult comics. red son. Launched in 2003, red son is a iconic adventure of man of steel. Written by Marcos Millar (Civil war, Old Man Logan, Kick-Ass, Kingsman), red son Imagine an alternate plot where Superman didn’t crash land in the United States. but in russia, thus becoming the top soldier of the USSR. Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn have been friends for a long time. In particular, they wrote the comic and directed the film. king man set.

red son

Matthew Vaughn is a huge comic book fan. He recently expressed interest in Supergirl: the woman of tomorrow, a film that is currently in development within the DCU. But in addition to this canonical film in James Gunn’s new universe, Matthew Vaughn would very much like to tell the story of red son on the big screen. Imagine a movie disconnected from the DCU that could allow the return of Henry Cavill disguised as this variant of Superman:

Red Son is one of the smartest comics I’ve ever read. This story has become even more relevant today, in the world we live in. Ignorance is a scourge and we do not know enough about Russia and its history. Imagine if we made Red Son with Henry Cavill. It would be a really interesting movie.

So what David Corenswet will become the new face of Superman in the DCU, a movie red son It is not strictly impossible. DC movies like jester and the batman They are born and are not part of the DCU continuity. These two films are part of an alternate universe called DC other worlds. A movie red son Therefore, it could totally have its place in DC Elseworlds.

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