Martin St-Louis exhausted: far from his wife and his millions

Yesterday, during his lecture, Martin St-Louis seemed exhausted. His facial features seemed more defined, his shoulders seemed a little more droopy. However, despite this appearance of fatigue, he wanted to reassure the journalists present by stating that he had not lost his morale.

For those who know him well, especially his wife and children, this apparent fatigue does not go unnoticed.

In just two years they were able to see how the stress and demands of the job left their mark on the former NHL star. Martin St-Louis, a billionaire with assets estimated at more than $60 million, could easily retire and enjoy a peaceful retirement with his family. But that’s not in his nature.

The passion for hockey runs through the veins of St. Louis. Since he was young he has dedicated his life to this sport. As a player, he worked his way to the top of the NHL.

“It’s an angle I took into teaching. Being patient takes time. But what do you do with the time? “We have to be realistic in our goals this season and that is why I say that we have to be patient, because we have many young players in our team.” (credit: TVA Sports)

“The progression of each player is different. What you have to understand is that the time it takes to arrive is not important. But while you are patient with the player’s progress, you must be aggressive with the time you have to ensure the player achieves their goals. You have to be intense over time.”

But his passion for hockey did not die with his retirement from the game. On the contrary, it was transformed into a burning desire to pass on his knowledge and experiences to future generations.

It is this same passion that led him to accept the position of coach of the Montreal Canadiens, one of the most prestigious teams in the NHL, but above all, the most difficult job in Quebec.

“If you are not able to reach a player’s full potential, whose fault is it? To the player? To the coach? “You can’t help a player who doesn’t want to help himself, quite the opposite.”

“You can discourage a player as a coach. So there are a lot of things that are important when you’re in my position. It’s not just what you teach, but what tone you’re going to do it with or what your level of patience is.” with the player All of that is important.

Despite the ups and downs of the season, despite the criticism and pressure, St-Louis remains determined to pursue his mission with determination. For him, hockey is much more than just a game: it is a true vocation, a way of life.

Of course, he knows that his commitment demands a lot from him. The long hours spent on the ice, the incessant travel, the responsibilities that never rest, the distance from his family… and especially from his wife…

All this leaves traces. But for St-Louis the main thing is the satisfaction of seeing his players progress, in the passion he shares with his team in every game. This is what pushes him to continue, despite the difficulties.

Thus, although those close to him may fear seeing him age prematurely under the weight of responsibilities, Martin St-Louis remains convinced that he does what he loves, and that is the main thing.

Because for him there is nothing more precious than living his passion every day, regardless of the sacrifices it may require. And that is perhaps the secret of his resilience, of his determination to overcome obstacles, game after game.

Despite a team worthy of the American League…

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