Marilyn Manson ordered to pay Evan Rachel Wood’s legal costs

Marilyn Manson will have to pay his legal costs to Evan Rachel Wood, who defended himself against him.

The rocker, whose real name is Brian Warner, sued the actress of the series Western world in March 2022, alleging that she had defamed him and caused his career to plummet by publicly accusing him of rape in February 2021. The actress also accused the singer of having abused her during their relationship that ended in 2010.

However, defamation and emotional distress lawsuits brought by Marilyn Manson were dismissed in his high-profile trial last year. Therefore, Evan Rachel Wood asked to be reimbursed for the $388,000 in attorney fees she accrued to defend herself against the now-dismissed charges.

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On January 29 (24), Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Teresa A. Beaudet ordered the refund, although she reduced the amount to just under $327,000. To explain this reduction, the judge accepted the argument of Marilyn Manson’s lawyers that the descriptions of some of the hours billed by Mme The wood was too “lazy”, according to Rolling Stone.

It was Judge Teresa A. Beaudet who dismissed the musician’s complaints last year for defamation and emotional distress, after ruling that the actress Thirteen was particularly protected by the First Amendment when she named Marilyn Manson as her attacker on Instagram. The musician has always denied the accusations against her.

If the judge did not uphold the defamation charges, the rest of the complaint filed by Marilyn Manson remains relevant. Evan Rachel Wood and her friend Illma Gore will be tried on September 1is can for these other reasons. They are accused of conspiring to hack Marilyn Manson’s computer, impersonate him online and make a phone call that sent police to his home.

After Evan Rachel Wood went public with her allegations in 2021, several other women came forward to make similar statements. The musician’s lawyers use these other allegations to highlight that Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore recruited accusers to participate in a coordinated attack. However, this accusation will not be presented to the jury.

Most of the lawsuits filed against Marilyn Manson have been settled, dismissed or withdrawn.

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