Louis Morissette: King Magane of the Mountain

Although he is dating the most popular woman in Quebec and has a very enviable career as a producer, Louis Morissette allows himself to be fooled. In a first solo exhibition of his career, which at times feels like a lecture, the 50-year-old artist and businessman is vulnerable and sincere. And with the arrogance we know from him, he also takes the opportunity to flay certain people in the process.

For his media premiere, Louis Morissette clearly did not want to play the role of “jetset.” One half of Quebec’s number one “power couple” had decided to debut in all modesty at the Cinquième theater on the Place des Arts. No red carpet, no guest artists.

In 80 minutes on stage, the “50-year-old emerging comedian” puts his cards on the table and reveals himself to be an open book. Because the story of his life is still composed of dramatic elements (his sister has cerebral palsy, he had controversies with the Bye and his father-in-law was imprisoned), we don’t laugh out loud constantly.

cloutier boy

First, let’s solve the Guy Cloutier case. Yes, Louis Morissette addresses the moment when he and Véro heard the news of his arrest. But this moment only lasts a minute, at most. While Morissette details other, less significant moments in his life, we find ourselves wanting to know more about this scandal that shocked Quebec in 2004.

“Véro is going to the basement with the police, I’m going to feed our 15-month-old little girl,” he says. At that moment I heard a scream that I will never forget in my life. It’s like pain, suffering in its purest form. Her father had just been arrested. We do not understand anything. We had never heard of it before that minute. Our world is falling apart. We don’t understand it anymore. We went to bed at night. I look at my girlfriend. I wonder, is this going to be okay? Our baby, will you be okay? Has her career ended? I don’t know if my ex would take me back…”


Louis Morissette talks about his relationship with Véronique Cloutier in “Under Pressure”.

Photo Martin Alarie


At the beginning of the show, Louis Morissette talks at length about his first meeting with Véro and the beginning of their relationship. Showing on screen several newspaper clippings, which always referred to him as “Véro’s boyfriend,” Morissette showed a lot of self-deprecation.

“I see that she left Patrick Huard for Louis Morissette, it’s as if she were saying that the girl left Paul McCartney for Sylvain Cossette. I am the Wish version of Patrick Huard.”

Obviously he is still resentful of the treatment that certain media gave him throughout his career, particularly with the various controversies of the ByeLouis Morissette skins Pierre Karl Péladeau and Julie Snyder several times.

But he also takes the opportunity to thank the former couple for continuing to pay him for the full season of the reality show. For better and for worse, a TVA show he never hosted because he was fired before filming began. Thanks to this money he was able to work in peace writing the series. California. “They financed the resurrection of my career, I would like to thank them,” he says semi-seriously.

conference style

Speaking at length about his personal and professional life, Louis Morissette sometimes makes us feel like we’re attending a TED Talk-style conference on how to bounce back from setbacks. Few comedians share their lives this way, with supporting photographs. It must be said that the relationship between Louis and Véro has been the subject of scrutiny by the media and the public for more than 20 years.

Among his personal problems, Louis says he suffers from bruxism (clenching his teeth while sleeping) and confesses to having completely lost hearing in his left ear since November 2021. He provides the biggest laughs to the audience at the end of the course. when he talks about the side effects of the medication he takes for anxiety and the time he dislocated his shoulder in the middle of the night.

“Although I am at the top of the mountain, I don’t feel like the king of the mountain,” says the man who has received several blows in his life and who always got up before the final knockout.

Although the bitterness in some of his comments is evident and sends several heartfelt arrows to the Quebecor media, Louis Morissette is entertaining enough to make us have a great evening despite everything.

Justin’s beautiful confidence.

In the first half, Justin Morissette gave a beautiful performance of almost ten minutes with the great confidence of his 19 years. The young man joked at length about his famous parents, who set the table for his father’s show that was to follow. “They asked me if it was a stressful opening for my dad. “My father is Louis Morissette, not Louis-José Houde,” he stated. Well sent.


Justin Morissette showed a lot of confidence in the first half.

Photo Martin Alarie

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