Léa Seydoux explains why she left David Cronenberg’s film

Léa Seydoux, currently starring in Dune 2explained why he finally pulled out of David Cronenberg’s next film.

We often see cast changes, one of the best known is that of Eric Stoltz, replaced by Michael J. Fox because he did not fit enough with the desired atmosphere for Return to the future. More recently, Marvel is expected to change plans for Kang after the Jonathan Majors trials. More often than not, the decision comes from studios and directors who are unconvinced or have disagreements with their actors. But from time to time, actors and actresses leave the train alone on the road.

This is particularly the case with Léa Seydoux recently. Although she not long ago pointed out the differences between Hollywood and French cinema, Lea Seydoux spoke about his withdrawal from David Cronenberg’s next film: the shrouds, she who had starred in his previous film Crimes of the future.

Crimes of the future: photo, Viggo MortensenThe last Cronenberg was a little nugget

Without Cronenberg for Seydoux

He originally starred in the director’s next film. The fly and videodrome, The French actress finally left the project in March 2023, two months before the start of production of the feature film. She was quickly replaced by Diane Kruger, but it was unclear why the actress left the project. it is through IndieWire which the actress explained:

“I loved working with David (Cronenberg). I’m a big fan, but I thought I was tired. I wanted to pause (…) And I told myself that two French actors (Vincent Cassel plays the other main role, ed.) speaking English to each other, it seemed strange to me. David told me: “It’s not a problem for me.” But for For me it’s strange, why would I speak English with a French person? »

The Shrouds: photoA rare first image of The Shrouds’ modern cemetery

A priori, Léa Seydoux did not leave because of any conflict with the director or the studio, but to rest. It must be said that the actress has not been inactive since 2021 since she has appeared in nine films.. As a reminder, The shrouds will tell the story of Karsh, a widowed man, played by Vincent Cassel, who builds a device that allows him to communicate with the dead, from a funeral shroud. But several graves, including his wife’s, have fallen into disrepair in a cemetery.

It will typically be one of the most personal films for the director, who lost his wife Carolyn Zeifman in 2017. The project does not yet have a specific release date, but it is planned for this year and could well travel to the Croisette next May.

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