Laurent Ruquier talks about his failure at BFM TV and remembers the day he understood that his program was not going to work

Guest of c to you This Tuesday, January 30, Laurent Ruquier returned to the failure of 8pm from BFM TV after the public found it disappointing.

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The last December, Laurent Ruquier announced his departure from BFM TV following poor ratings for the 8pm show he had co-hosted since September alongside Julie Hammett. “I have decided not to continue the adventure that began at the end of September on BFM TV. I would like to thank Marc-Olivier Fogiel “Because of the trust he placed in me – and that he wanted to renew me until the end of the season – but I prefer to stay there,” the presenter wrote soberly in a message posted on social networks. As a reminder, Laurent Ruquier upended the transfer market last summer by announcing his departure from France Télévisions to join BFM TV.

Does Laurent Ruquier regret his experience at BFM TV? He answers

This Tuesday, January 30, Laurent Ruquier made his grand return to public service during a period in c to you. Discreet on television since his departure from BFM TV, the former presenter ofwe are not in bed He returned to his adventure within the news channel and the failure of 8:00 p.m.: “It was an incredible experience that I recommend”he hilariously told Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. It is something unimaginable to be at the center of a news channel. For this, I do not regret. I don’t regret the experiences of my life. Obviously I would have preferred it to work, to work, to be more successful. Well, that wasn’t the case. Then we can give 10,000 reasons. The successes are the same. “If we had the recipe, we would double it every time.”

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A failure due to the news that worries Laurent Ruquier?

on the set of C to you, Laurent Ruquier admits that the distressing news of recent months has not helped him: “I think deep down, after a while, I understood that it was not made for me, that the public likes me to give my opinion, secondly, that it makes them laugh… In fact, I’m telling you, for it to work on BFM, it would have been necessary for nothing to happen. Because in reality what I like is to try to unearth things that we don’t talk about, it is to take the news through the small end of the lens… And for that it would have been necessary for no Palestinian-Israeli to exist. The conflicts, the Depardieu affairs… There are many things that I like but I always like to take a step to the side. And BFM is not made for that. “It’s a news channel that puts news first and I wasn’t a priority.” He concluded.

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