“La Voz Belgium”: Zoé is the daughter of a well-known radio host and “basically sang, alone in her attic”

The Lives are getting closer for the competing talents. The third and final evening of the Duels will take place this Tuesday at 8:25 p.m. in La Une. Between two talents fighting for a song in the ring, only one winner, chosen by his coach, can hope to advance to the next phase, unless a coach of the opposing team wishes to save him thanks to the stolen talent rule.

During the blind event, Zoé Arnould (18 years old), daughter of Olivier Arnould, the presenter, with Maria Del Rio, from Good day of Radio Contact, had convinced Mentissa and Hatik to turn around. But the latter had received the “superblock” from Mentissa, preventing him from integrating the young talent into his team. After instructions from her trainer, Zoé, from Walloon Brabant, says that she is ready to overcome her Duel. Find.

How did music start in your life?

Everyone plays music in the family, so naturally, being very young, I also made music, but I was very shy because I was afraid of what my family would think of my music and also the outside world. Music has been my secret bubble for a long time. I would go play the piano in my attic or sing after class. It started for fun.

Have you never played in front of your friends either?

My friends knew that I sang a little and had already wanted to sign me up. The voice Two or three years ago, but for me, at that time, it was out of the question, I wasn’t prepared at all, it wasn’t possible.

You play the piano?

I started playing the piano when I was little with my grandfather, a pianist. Even though he started me, when he died I continued playing alone every day in my attic. I learned to play with my phone. Most of the time I do piano vocals. I like to sing everything, sometimes cheesy things to make something cool, but I also like to do covers of songs that have just been released.

“I like pop more, like Angèle”

Do you have any musical influences?

It’s broad but in general I like pop more, like Angèle. But there is a difference between what I hear and what I play.

What was the trigger for your participation in The voice ?

I thought it would be cool if I started posting some videos of me singing on Instagram. To my surprise, people were positive. The comments told me “Why wouldn’t you do The Voice? Little by little I considered it. And then, one thing led to another, I saw the casting like everyone else on social media, and I said to myself “why not”. I asked my parents for their opinion and then I signed up telling myself “we’ll see”. I even forget I registered. Then, surprise, they took me back to the casting tests.

What was your parents’ reaction to your participation?

They encouraged me from the beginning. They were also a little surprised that I was included in the casting. They were happy for me to get out of my attic a little bit, to get out of my comfort zone and to share my music.

How is your training with Mentissa going? Did you know her as an artist?

I saw her in The Voice France and I listened to his music. I was hoping to go on his team, so I was glad it worked out that way. There at rehearsal, she is super nice and approachable. She understands us because she has already lived the experience we are going through. I am very happy to be with her.

What advice does he give you?

It tells us to enjoy, to do something that suits us, to make the songs our own and to feel good about what we do, and then feel proud.

How was the meeting with Rori?

We didn’t know she was there, it was a surprise. I also followed her on social media. I like what she makes of her, so I was even happier to meet her. Like Mentissa, she is also very simple, very nice, accessible and gives good advice.

What are your goals in this adventure?

My goal is to at least do a live performance.

What are your professional goals?

I am a communications student. Basically I wanted to work in fashion, because I have always been passionate about it, it is a field that interests me. Afterwards, it is true that music is also a big part of my life, but at the moment I don’t know if I would consider making it my job or not. If I had the opportunity I wouldn’t turn it down, but at the same time I know what I want to do outside of music, so I’ll see what happens or doesn’t happen in the future.

Is your father proud of you?

I think he’s proud of me. He is happy that I dared to take this step, to register and show myself in front of so many people while singing basic, alone in my attic. He is happy that today I am performing this experiment for myself. He supports me a lot in this, he knows that it is really my decision to participate in The voice. It has nothing to do with my record at this time.

What advice does he give you?

Enjoy the experience, feel proud of the performances, give my best. He has good advice, as every parent can have good advice in one area.

At the piano, Zoé Arnould won over the jury of The Voice. ©Vlad VDK – RTBF

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