La Voz Belgium: “And bam!”, Mentissa big winner of the 2nd blind

A week after the start of season 11 of The Voice Belgium, 12 new talents presented themselves to the jury during the 2nd Blind at RTBF Studio 40, at Médiarives in Liège.

This Tuesday night, in the spotlight, Christophe Willem, BJ Scott, Mentissa and Hatik rang the bell again to get the best talents on their team. All media served to conquer talents who only had one argument to join the adventure: their voice. In this second blind, it was Mentissa who emerged victorious from the trainers’ fight.

By Christophe Willem

Sharleen (19 years old, Florennes), musical actress and fan of Christophe Willem, dreams of being part of his team. With three seats returned, the last for her favorite artist, Sharleen has a choice. Mentissa, determined, took out a sign: “The other coaches are nice but I did The Voice.” “You are an artist in your own right who I would like to accompany in this show, so that you are in the right conditions,” justified the Belgian artist. “At this point we were not expecting the signs”was amused by Christophe Willem who learned from the candidate that “(His) first reference in music has been Christophe Willem since he was little.” Enough to provoke applause in Studio 40 and from the coaches’ bench.

Came back all the way”On stage I didn’t see what happened,” he admits, “but you have a very introverted side when you talk, and not when you sing. I want to see who is behind that voice. I think you have great references but your vocal range can go further”. But in the end it was the Mentissa team that the talent decided to go to.

”The international wind that just devoured me. He saw me up close and finally said to himself, “Not at all.”Christophe Willem laughed at the situation, causing general laughter. ““You are my favorite artist but as a coach you are worthless”Hatik added amusedly. “One thing is certain friends, we will have to invest in markers, and invest in advertising panels.”

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A duo and their ukulele

It was then a duo, called Yun Ko (25 and 29 years old, Limal) who tried their luck. ““Yun in Korean means melody and Yun Ko in Chile means water, therefore the melody of water, in reference to our origins.”, explained the duo, accustomed to performing on stage. His singing with the background of the ukulele must have seduced Bj Scott, the only one who turned around.

A rap and a slam

With “Bitch!” by Bigflo & Oli, the powerful intention of Valentin (16 years old, Namur), an arts student who ““free in music”, and registered by his father in the adventure, he returned the seats of Hatik and Mentissa. At Hatik’s request, the artist presented his slam composition, surprising all the coaches with his already eloquent texts despite his young age. “It is rare to have a complete artist,” argued Christophe Willem, whose seat was also reversed. “The artist that encompasses all my criteria would be Mentissa”, The young talent finally decided.

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To the sound of Elvis

Alexandre (18 years old, Silly), a student at a music school and passionate about classical piano, wanted to try his voice on “Can’t Help Failing in Love” by Elvis Presley. A voice that quickly captivated Mentissa, feeling the talent “inhabited by the song”, followed by Hatik and Christophe Willem, who found in him “a mature voice in relation to (his) age”, before the latter was cut in his argument for a sound… “And bam!”, coming from Mentissa’s “super locked” button. As a reminder, “Super Blocked,” new for Season 11, allows a coach to block another coach even though their seat is already turned. Mentissa will cover the song in a duet with the young talent, convinced to join his team.

“Wait, you have a sound in your superlock, you take out a poster and remake the sound as a duet, are the harmonies done perfectly?”Hatik stressed with amusement, who saw it as collusion “with production. Enough to spark hilarity among the coaches.

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Joe Dassin in rap

Then it’s Zidkan’s turn (32 years old, Mouscron) who adapted and if you didn’t exist by Joe Dassin… in rap over own text. Enough to surprise and make Hatik and Mentissa turn around. ““What a slap in the face,” expressed BJ Scott before discovering the portrait on the set of this “property agent” and father of a small child. “Doing The Voice is making a dream come true”, explained the talent in his presentation. Images that will have moved the coaches. ““I want to cry when we see these images,” Mentissa commented. As expected, Zidkan will go to Hatik.

“Incredible luck”

It’s Nikie’s turn (47 years old, Charleroi), who signed up for The voice following the recommendations of those around him. Her performance of Rita Mitsouko’s “Marcia Baila” received a stir from Christophe Willem at the last minute, finding her “something unique”.

The train hostess, Colleen (27 years old, Floreffe) has “I always loved to sing. “It is an incredible opportunity to go on stage at The Voice.”. His interpretation of Lomepal”Too beautiful” Hatik, Mentissa and BJ Scott will have returned for those who “There is something very attractive in (his) voice.”. His musical tastes made him choose Hatik.

For Herisoa (31 years old, Carlsbourg), used to singing in the shower and in the car, “The voice is an opportunity. “Music allows me to express my feelings”. Despite his stress, he gained the unanimous support of the coaches with Demi lovato from anyone. Her son “kidnapped” by Mentissa on the set, the mother finally chose the latter as a coach. ““Anything goes, even to the point of taking children”Hatik concluded humorously.

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Quentin (24 years old, Huy) and his “Too Close” by Alex Clare, Emeline (34 years old, Brussels) and her “Jardin d’Hiver” by Henri Salvador, the pizzaiolo Priscillia (32 years old, Pepinster), and The Walloon Florist (29 years old, Chaumont Gistoux) will not have convinced you.

As a reminder, at the end of the 7 Blind broadcasts each coach will welcome 14 talents to their team, for a total of 56 talents who will access the Duels.

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