”La Voz Belgium”, 6th blind man: “You are a diamond in the rough”

Christophe Willem, Mentissa, Hatik and BJ Scott put up a real battle during this sixth and penultimate blind to recover the best talents on their team.

After weeks of auditions, tensions are at their peak, strategies are honed, and each coach is willing to do anything to get the best voice.

With her version of “Dommage” by Biglo&Oli on the piano, Eléa (17 years old) dazzled Mentissa, Hatik and Christophe Willem. ““You are a diamond in the rough.”Mentissa commented. With similar influences, the young multi-instrumentalist chose Hatik to continue the adventure. ““I am satisfied and relieved.” the rapper calmed down.

Then, two brothers appeared, separately, before the jury of coaches, who were able to discover a vocal gem: Maxime, 24 years old, a native of Jumet and an architecture student. BJ “superblocked” by Hatik, Maxime chose Christophe Willem to train him and reach the end of the competition.

BJ Scott gets revenge

Princess (20 years old, Anderlecht), bioengineering student, “he sings, he makes music, he writes… It’s something that calms me a lot.” On the song “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals, Princess showed what she could do. Enough to seduce BJ Scott and Hatik. “All I want is for you to come to my team. “You have everything to please my dear, so come to mom,” BJ argued. “Good night princess”, Hatik introduced himself. “Good night” BJ replied with his pusher “super locked,” before adding: “This is not the coach you need”. Enough to provoke the surprise and hilarity of his companions. “I think it is the most violent superblock”Hatik commented with a smile. “That was wrong”, added Christophe Willem, captivated by the initiative. “You do not love me”, he said “mom” mockingly to Hatik. ““I can’t blame you, I was the one who started the hostilities.” the latter admitted.

The battle is fought between the coaches with the talent of this blind man.

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“I think they will regret it”

Jasper (27 years old, Ixelles), who made his first presentation at the age of 9, guitar in hand, seduced Mentissa with “Kiss” by Prince. Launched by a Flemish television network, he performed at festivals for 10 years with his group Bandits. “Your performance was incredible, it was fitting, and I think they will regret it”laughs Mentissa as she chats in flamenco with her new talent.

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Tamera (17 years old, La Louvière), bullied when she was 8 years old, dedicated the song “Dernier Lys” by Noée to her deceased uncle. A soulful voice that she received four buzzes before she burst into tears. And Hatik consoles her and convinces her to choose him through emotional language.

Never two without three

Jacques (23 years old, Brussels) had already tried his luck in 2018 and 2019 in The voice. Selected, every time he traveled during auditions. By participating in The voice, the sought-after talentget out of your comfort zone”, in interpretation “Say something” A big world. ““You are a crush, I couldn’t let you go,” justified BJ Scott who turned around alone.

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Marika (17 years old, Sambreville), student of Germanic languages, put aside her shyness to participate in The voice and “live a magnificent experience”. Take singing classes starting in 2020”“It made me gain confidence in myself and continue singing.” Her performance of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” had barely begun and Mentissa’s seat was turned. “There were imperfections in your voice, but I would love to work on them with you.” argued Christophe Willem before the “super lockdown” of Mentissa.

Finally, for Juliette (17 years old, Neupré), “Music and singing occupy an important place in (his) life. When I don’t sing, I write, I compose, I listen to music.” “What” by Jane Birkin convinced Mentissa and Christophe Willem in the last seconds. Juliette will go to Mentissa.

For Aude (37 years old, Hannut), Roxana (33 years old, Charleroi) and Marie (19 years old, Braine le Comte), the adventure ends there.

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