Kristen Stewart talks about her horrible experience in this movie

Kristen Stewart had a very bad experience in one of the many films that have marked her career and it is not that surprising.

During her career, Kristen Stewart has not only starred in acclaimed films. In fact, no one forgets thatHe achieved worldwide fame with the saga Twilight, a series of films that has divided (and divides) a lot due to its quality and its sometimes more than dubious comments. Therefore, we would have thought that if the young actress had any regrets in her filmography, it would be the vampire saga.

However, the actress would have kept a much more negative memory of another film that, paradoxically, wanted to be more progressive in terms of its female characters: Charlie’s Angels, directed by Elizabeth Banks. Despite her feminist intentions and her desire to breathe new life into the franchise, funny ladies, Charlie’s Angels It turned out to be very poor and was a failure both commercially and critically. Kristen Stewart thus returned to this very bad experience.

Charlie's Angels: photo, Kristen StewartKristen Stewart, fighting Charlie’s Angels

Kristen Stewart, a fun lady

The actress was invited by Varietyto participate in the game Know your lines (which consists of seeing if the guest remembers which movies their lines come from). Kristen Stewart then found herself facing a replica of Charlie’s Angels : “Did you know that it takes men seven seconds longer to perceive a woman as a threat, compared to a man?” The actress then responded:

“It was a little strong at the time. I remember saying it. It was in a movie called Charlie’s Angels. We wanted a strong opening, you know? We really wanted to get the word out about what the movie was about. It was a good idea. at that time. I hated making that movie. I don’t know what else to say.

Charlie's Angels: photo, Kristen StewartStewart improves his image

Honestly, the three of them (Angels from the original movie), can’t touch it… Cameron (Diaz), Lucy (Liu) and Drew (Barrymore)… I love this movie! If this means anything to you…”

The actress did not add anything else. That said, when we see the final result, we totally understand why Stewart didn’t like the experience (even more so since she’s a fan of the 2000s film). And more so because of the countless problems in which the remake got stuck during its chaotic production.

Fortunately, the actress will soon find something to redeem herself. love lies bleeding, a queer film that promises to be exciting with Stewart in the cast, should be released this year. The actress is also expected soon. embark for the first time in the production of a feature film with The chronology of waterenough to forgive him after his few professional mistakes.

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