“Koh-Lanta” 2024: Broadcast date, new mechanics, candidates, cyclone… Everything you need to know about the new season

No more complicated secret weapons, “Koh-Lanta” will put at the center of the game this season an element well identified by viewers: the immunity necklace. Denis Brogniart, in fact, is preparing to referee a new edition of the adventure game, this year titled “Koh-Lanta: The Immunity Hunters”. This Monday, January 8, 2024, TF1 organized a press conference to present the next season, in which puremedias.com has attended. What you have to remember.

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“Koh-Lanta” 2024: Broadcast date

Note in your diaries: the leap into the unknown of 20 new anonymous candidates is planned Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 9:10 p.m.. TF1 thus confirms its strategy of programming this Adventure Line Productions production on Tuesdays, the third entertainment slot opened on the cover since August 2021 with “Koh-Lanta: The Legend” to counteract the low audiences for American series.

“Koh-Lanta” 2024: “A tip with three necklaces this year”

Therefore, this season focuses on the immunity necklace or rather immunity necklaces. “We added immunity necklaces. Some of them have very powerful powers.“said Julien Magne, producer of the show. “We have placed them, of course, in the camps, but also in the places where the tests are carried out.“.

Often the source of tasty twists and turns, this important advantage at advice time will take multiple forms this year, even if it means becoming a poisoned chalice. “There are good and bad necklaces.“, decided Denis Brogniart.

The ideal thing for a necklace is when it immunizes you, yourself or someone else. When you find a necklace that harms someone, how do you harm them? How not to give a boomerang return? There are collars that will be annoying for those who will be forced to play it.“Denis Brogniart sowed doubts during the press conference before promising”a board with three necklaces“.”This is unprecedented in the history of ‘Koh-Lanta’“.

“Koh-Lanta” 2024: Clues to collect to track the necklaces

Another novelty: to obtain these necklaces, clues will initially be put into play during certain comfort tests (this will be systematic after reunification). The candidate in question will obtain the right to extract a clue from a screen. Then the search for the necklace will begin.

In the pre-credits, viewers will discover that to read one of the clues they will have to place it on top of a heat source. There are not fifty in the camp.“, smiled Denis Brogniart. It’s up to him to be clever to be discreet.

We decided to push the cursor and add this notion of a treasure hunt that densifies the search for necklaces.“, analyzed, for his part, Julien Magne. “They had fun tracking the necklaces, we had fun filming them.“He was also happy.

“Koh-Lanta” 2024: what we know about the candidates

Therefore, there are 20 who participate in this new season. “20 candidates from 20 different departments“, Denis Brogniart immediately announces. That is to say, this season neither Swiss nor Belgians appear in the cast. alexisthe youngest is about twenty years old. Nathalie, la doyenne, in a 55. Pour l’anecdote, this consultante en transition numérique, établie à Paris, a fait le choix de ne pas donner son véritable âge à ses coéquipiers d’aventure pour ne pas attirer trop vite l’attention sur she. Will this (small) lie bear fruit?

Otherwise, this season’s cast is diverse, with the goal of the production and the channel being for the viewer to identify with one of the protagonists. It contains, among other things, “a craftsman, a cheese maker, a taxi driver, a banker, an engineer, a boxing teacher, but also ocean and meganetwo young women who are very good swimmers and Cowboy and Sebastianboth carpenters“, listed Denis Brogniart haphazardly.

A few years ago, (journalists) rightly criticized us for the tendency to focus on candidates with a very sporting profile, coaches or people who had a very strong connection to sport. We listen to it, we try to create this year a kind of alchemy between athletes who claim it, like amriand not athletes like Davidthe butcher-delicatessen, or Esteban“.

“Koh-Lanta” 2024 (again) in the Philippines

This season again, “Koh-Lanta” set its cameras on the Philippines. “The Philippines is undoubtedly today the most suitable place for filming like ‘Koh Lanta’‘”, assured Denis Brogniart. “In the area we have chosen there are totally different landscapes: first of all, white sand beaches in a fairly flat area. In front, granite islands and very small coves.“described the driver.

Before adding: “Above all, what we like there is that the nearest airport is 5 hours away. It is an area devoid of tourism. I’ve never seen a French person and no one comes when you have to drive five hours. This also means that you have many fewer ships, unlike in Thailand for example, where if you play a one hour game, you have 50 ships passing behind you. Between the noise and the visual disturbance, it is difficult for us to be in a virgin universe that makes you think of an island where you are lost, alone in the world.“.

“Koh-Lanta” 2024: “The cyclone will be one of the protagonists of the pole test”

But filming in the Philippines is not without risks. Indeed, the filming of “Koh-Lanta” last spring was rocked by a cyclone, so violent that the adventurers still competing for the title of sole survivor changed sides for safety reasons. “We did not stop the game or suspend filming. But the forecasts made us think that it could have happened.“, Denis Brogniart rewound. “I can’t say more but the cyclone will be one of the protagonists of the pole test”.

In Vanuatu in 2006, Adventure Line Productions teams had already faced a violent weather phenomenon. “We put the candidates in a classroom for one or two nights,” recalled the game host, who has held the position since 2002.

“Koh-Lanta” 2024: A night walk in the middle of the jungle among the challenges

This year, the candidates faced an unusual test: a night walk in the middle of the jungle. “It takes place in two different places, without me. I only find them early in the morning. Above all, they don’t know if at the end of their test they won or lost.“, summarized Denis Brogniart.

Every year, Julien Magne reserves between 6 and 8 new tests for candidates. “But we also renew the old ones like the one with the torches,” he adds.

“Koh-Lanta” 2024: What audience results will the 2023 edition have?

After almost four months of broadcast, “Koh-Lanta: The Sacred Fire” was followed by 3.67 million viewers on average between February 21 and June 13, 2023, in its first part. This represented 17.3% of people aged four and over and 33.9% of purchasing directors under 50 years of age.

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The second retained, on average during the 17 weeks of programming, 3.16 million viewers (20.3% of the public and 38.0% of the FRDA-50). This is the least followed season in history in indicators aimed at the public as a whole.

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