Kill the Justice League: Warner absolutely wants to avoid this deadly controversy

Warner Bros. would like to get rid of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League of a bad image that has already stuck to it.

do you rememberAnthem ? This game that forced Bioware to pause its new dragon age and whose epic potential seemed promising. And all this to give us one of the most beautiful cold showers in the last ten years. This bad memory is also an eloquent textbook case of industry evolution. In 2019, Electronic Arts had This is how he sacrificed the DNA of the Bioware studio. to make them give birth to this game of soulless service, thus destroying their image as masters of the solo game, which had lasted almost two decades.

And today history seems to repeat itself. The famous Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League releases on february 2 2024 and many anticipate it as the Anthem by Rocksteady, couple son long-term paid content and its cooperative multiplayer. Fearing a Bioware-style decline, many are still reluctant to approach the game. In reaction, Warner and Rocksteady try, as best they can, to convince us that their suicide squad It will not be a game of pure service.

When the battle pass takes us by surprise

Anthem 2?

This greedy desire by publishers to transform legendary single-player game creators into money-making machines is not new.Anthem. But it’s all a symptom. It is also good to remember that one of the worst games of last year was red fall, a disastrous cooperative title that managed to tarnish the name of Arkane Studios, because it was developed by its Austin subsidiary. Also in this case, the studio was forced by its publisher ZeniMax (before being bought by Microsoft) to produce a title that they were not interested in and for which I didn’t have the required skills.

In fact, whatever we think about service games, they also require quite precise knowledge to function when they are launched. This explains the success ofAppendix (developed by Respawn, the studio of Titanfall 2) facing the disorder ofAnthem, in 2019. A single-player game developer, no matter how good, is not prepared to create multiplayer games with post-purchase content. So when we learned last year that the long-awaited new title from the creators ofArkham Asylumincluded multiplayer elements and a battle pass, the rant was total and Warner couldn’t ignore it.

Anthem: photoAnthem, the trauma of Bioware fans

Warner falters

Result : Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was sent back to the kitchen and delayed until 2024. And we almost believed Warner had second-guessed itself. His Gotham Knights After all, it was already disappointing and it would be a shame for the company to continue down this path. Unfortunately, a subsequent report from the company confirmed that post-purchase content suicide squad wasn’t going to disappear and that the company was only making some minor adjustments.

Therefore, fears remain until now about the quality of the game after its release. But, despite everything, Warner and the game developers try to calm us down. They have understood to what extent this service game label could be fatal to them and they seek to free themselves from it. That is why Darius Sadeghian, Rocksteady’s product director, defended that suicide squad did not belong to this category, when he was questioned by PLAY Magazine.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy: photoWarner should remember that Hogwarts Legacy, a pure single-player game, was a huge commercial success.

suicide game (squad)

Selón Sadeghian, Kill the justice league It would be a hybrid game, on the edge between several genres:

We don’t really think our game fits into any particular label. (…) We knew we wanted to make a four-player cooperative game, so we spent a lot of time imagining our characters. For us, it wasn’t so much about making a game in a specific genre. Rather, it was about creating a sense of fluidity and trinity between all of our game systems.

This is reflected in the way movement, melee and shooting elements combine with each other as you play. (…) We want all players to feel part of Suicide Squad and, more broadly, the global Suicide Squad community. This has been at the core of our development and the game was designed from the beginning as an experience that can be shared with friends.“.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: photoThe lasso of truth would have been very useful in this case.

He also insisted that his game would always be up to par. 100% Rocksteady DNA and therefore would not be distorted by its multiplayer elements. In short, a speech that is furiously reminiscent of that of the Bioware developers when it came toAnthem, at the time. Yes, we return to it, but the comparison between the two is quite inevitable.

Note that we are not saying it will be the same here. The first comments from the press are, although mixed, quite reassuring. And in general, we have the feeling of seeing in suicide squad a true single-player campaign with a story worthy of the studio. However, how can we not always keep in mind David Zaslav’s speech (Warner boss) last November, in which he defended the games-services formula? He then explicitly cited the DC Comics games and their monetary potential, which was too undertapped for his liking. And that doesn’t bode well.

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