Kelly, Belgian candidate for “Temptation Island”: “I had a knot in my stomach throughout filming”

Will your partner give in to temptation? This is the question that Kelly Vander Mynsbrugge, a 24-year-old girl from Brussels, tried to answer by participating in temptation island, a reality show that starts next Tuesday on RTL-TVi. With Enzo, her partner whom she met in a nightclub six months before participating in the show, she will dare to face temptresses whose objective will be to destabilize her relationship and call it into question in the paradisiacal setting of Tulum in Mexico. .

”Temptation Island It is a program that I always loved to watch, but it never occurred to me to participate in it”, explains the young woman exclusively in our columns. “A commenter saw Enzo while we were shopping in the south of France. She first approached him to become a tempter but upon discovering he was in a relationship, she asked him to be on the show with me. We talked about it privately and since we are ambitious, we said we were interested. We sent a video, conducted a series of interviews and we were chosen.”

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Didn’t you have any fear before participating in this adventure?

”A lot, especially on my part. Enzo is a very handsome boy who has had many conquests before me. He really has a seductive past. Our problem then was this: I want to trust him, but will his demons ever catch up with him? It must be said that since we got together we have not separated. I never had the opportunity to see us apart. So my fear is that everything will go back to the way it was before. When I started the adventure, I was half confident.”

Is it interesting to test your relationship like this after only six months of dating?

”It is true that if it breaks, we tell ourselves that we have only lost six months. We were next to other couples who have been together for 5 years. I think that when there is a real crush, time doesn’t say much.”

Could you forgive infidelity?

”I have forgiven him in the past because I believed in second chances, but it always happens again. Today I no longer forgive. I have already given enough at this level. Nobody deserves this. I can’t trust like before… But I still participate in Temptation Island (laughs) !”

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And you, for your part, were sure not to give in to temptation?

”When I was there, I was confident because I told myself that Enzo was the man I loved. I told him I didn’t think he could do anything wrong unless he felt as strong a feeling for a tempter as he felt for him. “There it could be dangerous for us.”

Did you play the game well with the tempters? Did you allow yourself to be seduced or did you directly put up barriers?

“I remained myself, open and sociable. “I let it happen.”

Did you set limits with Enzo?

“Of course. We told each other that the limit was crossed after the kiss.”

How did you feel when you imagined Enzo with temptresses?

”It was quite difficult. When we talk to others, time passes and we no longer think about it. But once in my room, I reflected. I wondered what he was doing, if he was attracted to any of them. I asked myself many questions. I had a knot in my stomach throughout the entire shoot. It’s hard to leave the person you love with ten super pretty girls.”

How did you experience filming the show?

“Very good. I got along very well with everyone. Nothing happened. They didn’t force us to do anything.”

Are you prepared to face criticism or unpleasant comments found on social networks?

”I read them diagonally. I know it’s common and I shouldn’t rely on it. Anyway, I’m not one to let bad things destabilize me. “I am more afraid of the images that remain and that can haunt a person.”

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

”I see myself working on my own, in restaurants or in the world of fashion. If television opportunities come my way, obviously I will think about them too.”

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