Kate Middleton: “Like Lady Diana…”, this dark observation from an expert

Her health raises many questions… On January 16, 2024, Kate Middleton was hospitalized for abdominal surgery. From many rumors run. Is the Princess of Wales dead? In coma? Recovering from cosmetic surgery? As fans around the world are wondering, employees at the hospital where she had surgery allegedly tried to access her medical information.

For him daily maillamented expert Maureen Callahan: “It’s sadly clear how poorly her illness and recovery was handled. Kate’s big ask, after all this time: some well-deserved privacy, please. It’s unclear when exactly this breach of very personal data was attempted, but it nevertheless shows how differently royal women are treated. “King Charles recently underwent prostate surgery at the same hospital, but, as far as we know, no one has attempted to access his medical history.”.

Maureen Callahan says Prince William should have defended his wife

According to the expert, Kate Middleton would have earned the goodwill and respect of the public over the years, but she would be the laughing stock of the entire world after retouching your last photo posted on Instagram. “How could Kate, still recovering, have allowed herself to take responsibility for last week’s Photoshop fiasco? What is it about the House of Windsor that regards its women – those who marry – as sacrificial lambs?”, he lamented. Maureen Callahan thinks Prince William should have defended his wife.

“If I had done it, I would have won respect and the affection of women around the world, who would have seen this for what it would have been: a selfless attempt to defend and protect his sick wife.he assured.

Maureen Callahan’s Dark Observation

Annoyed, the expert believes that after what happened with Lady Diana things should have changed. “Diana, despite her knowledge of the press, suffered greatly. Camilla endured brutal humiliations for years. Kate too, furious at being seen as the one waiting for William. Such ritual mortifications have always been considered a rite of passage, a hazing, a crucible that the wives and future wives of Windsor must endure. The cost of doing business, so to speak.”she wrote.

Finally, Maureen Callahan added: “What Kate is experiencing now should serve as alarm. Because here’s the truth: William may be a prince of the blood and a future king, but former commoner Kate far surpasses him. Without her, the royal family is a somewhat sad affair, populated by bald men of varying charisma. Kate is the shining star, the jewel in the crown. They would never survive her departure.”.

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