Judith Godrèche publicly denounces the director’s “control”

“His name is Benoît Jacquot.”. In messages posted to your account. instagram On Saturday, January 6, 2024, Judith Godrèche decided to publicly reveal the name of the director who was acting “control” about her when she was a teenager.

The actress had already spoken on the occasion of the premiere of French cinema icon , a miniseries inspired by his own life, about the relationship he had at the age of 14 with a person from the world of culture. However, she had never revealed her identity.

The director praised the forbidden side of this relationship

His recent speech comes after the re-emergence of a documentary directed by Gérard Miller in 2011: The tricks of desire: The forbidden. The French filmmaker Benoît Jacquot spoke without shame about his romance with a young actress whom he chose for his films. It was Judith Godrèche, who was 14 years old at the time, while he was 40 at the time of the events.

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“I probably would never have expressed myself in such a personal way on these networks if this documentary had not fallen before my eyes. “, she writes. “No, Benoît Jacquot, a girl like her was 14 years old, and no, she was not enthusiastic about that”He added in the description of an image from the documentary, in which the director trusts the psychoanalyst.

In this extract, Benoît Jacquot declares that the young woman “I do not care” of the age difference and even claims that this “It moved him a lot”. Worse still, the filmmaker admits that the cultural microcosm in which he was immersed felt “a certain esteem, a certain admiration for what undoubtedly others would also like to practice. »

“Many people will turn their backs on me”

Judith Godrèche’s statements, and therefore the extract from the documentary, were widely disseminated on social networks. Although several women, including the journalist Hélène Devynck, one of the complainants in the PPDA case, gave her their support, Judith Godrèche did not hide it. ” fear “ expose everything in broad daylight.

“Perhaps I will regret this passion – impulse of rebellion (…) Many people will turn their backs on me”, he laments. And add that the filmmaker, now 76 years old, threatens to “take to court for defamation”.

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