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The actress, who had never named the filmmaker with whom she had a relationship when she was 14 and he was 40, spoke openly on Instagram, while files from 2011 resurfaced in which she praises a “transgression.”

“The little girl in me can no longer keep silent about this name. His name is Benoît Jacquot.” Judith Godrèche spoke this weekend on her Instagram account, made public for the occasion on Saturday, January 6. The actress’s portrait appeared in she one month ago, On December 8, it was no secret the name of the filmmaker with whom the actress had started a relationship at the age of 14 in the 1980s, when he was 40 years old, he was known and seen in all circles. In the women’s magazine, she stated: “It is because I have a teenage daughter that I manage to realize what happened to me, to tell myself that I navigated alone in a world without rules or laws.” But the actress never identified the man in question by name in the interview and maintained the same reserve throughout the promotion of her “Icon of French Cinema” series in Arte. An exercise in satirical autofiction, which narrates the career of a breathless actress, signed, directed and performed by her. “I use this art form to undo. Do. Convey. And he didn’t want her to fall by the wayside. She was even afraid that the topic would disappear behind a name. he wrote today on Instagram, to explain his desire to “don’t quote anyone” until then.

Things have changed since images of Benoît Jacquot taken from the documentary resurfaced the tricks of desire: the forbidden directed by Gérard Miller in 2011. In this recent archive, the filmmaker returns in particular to his relationship with Judith Godrèche when she was still a minor. “Yes, it was a transgression. If only in terms of the law, as they say, I believe that in principle we have no rights. A girl like her, like this Judith, who was actually 15 years old. (14 according to her, editor’s note), and I, 40 years old, had no rights. But she didn’t give a damn about that, and even she was very excited about it, I would say.” He said he was aware of making people envious, who gave the teenager her first major role with the film. beggars In 1986 he added: “In a way, filmmaking is a kind of cover (…) for a morality of this type.”

explaining that“He probably would never have expressed himself in such a personal way on these networks if this documentary had not appeared before his eyes,” Judith Godrèche denounced the “perversion” and the “Feeling of impunity” to which these observations attest. From the documentary from which the extract is taken, freely accessible on YouTube, we find the following description: “The psychoanalyst and columnist Gérard Miller collects the testimonies of personalities and anonymous people who have transgressed their principles to live their love.” Since her speech, demonstrations of support for the actress have multiplied, and she has also written about her fear of not working anymore and regretting this moment of “spirit” : “A lot of people will turn their backs on me.”

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