Judith Godrèche denounces the “control” of director Benoît Jacquot

The French actress Judith Godrèche denounced this Monday on social networks the support that director Benoît Jacquot enjoys in the world of cinema, with whom she had a relationship when she was a teenager and who has never hidden his attraction to very young actresses.

The actress spoke very recently about this relationship of several years with the French filmmaker 25 years older than her, in the series French cinema icon on the Arte television channel, but he had never before questioned the director so explicitly.

Asked by AFP, Benoît Jacquot did not want to comment.

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Judith Godrèche’s complaint occurs in the midst of a fracture in French cinema caused by star actor Gérard Depardieu, accused of rape and highly criticized after the dissemination of images in which he multiplies misogynistic comments.

“The little girl in me can no longer keep silent about this name,” she said in a message posted on Instagram last weekend, deleted before being put back online on Monday, where she talks about “control” and “perversion.” “.

“His name is Benoît Jacquot. He still manipulates those who might associate their names with mine. Witness. “He threatens to take me to court for defamation,” stated the 51-year-old actress, considering that the filmmaker is “esteemed for his perversion.”

“Who respects BJ’s practices? Known to everyone for 35 years? Who endorses and validates? The agent who represents you? (…) Where does this feeling of impunity come from? Everything was known. And the same people are in the maneuvers,” he continues, saying that he fears that people will “turn their backs on him” after these comments.

A speech motivated by watching a documentary where Benoît Jacquot assumes the transgressive aspect of his past relationship with the teenager. “Yes, it was a transgression. If only with regard to the law (…) in principle we do not have the right, I think. A girl like her, who was actually 15 years old and I was 40, had no rights,” she is heard saying in the documentary dated 2011.

Judith Godrèche revealed herself in beggars by Jacquot (1988) then The disenchanted (1990). The filmmaker built his work around actresses, including stars like Isabelle Huppert.

“I can only film an actress if I am in love with her,” said the director in 2009 in the newspaper The Figaro.

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