Judith Godrèche denounces the “control” of director Benoît Jacquot when she was a teenager

For the first time, the actress, also a screenwriter and director, explicitly names the filmmaker, with whom she had a relationship when she was still a minor.



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Judith Godrèche at the film premiere "dog"during the 49th Deauville American Film Festival (Calvados), September 2, 2023. (JACQUES BENAROCH / SIPA)

“The little girl in me can no longer stay silent at that name.” In a story published on her Instagram account, in which she made public on Saturday, January 6, Judith Godrèche decided to name the director Benoît Jacquot and publicly denounce “The influence” that exerted on her when she was a teenager. Her relationship, when she was 14, with the filmmaker who was then 40, was already secretly mentioned in sthe series French cinema iconbroadcast by Arte, and in his interviews to promote it. “You can get caught in the web of a more powerful person and art is an extremely favorable springboard for that.” stated in particular in an interview published by she.

But, as she explains on Instagram, Judith Godrèche had decided not to do it. “don’t quote anyone”, pair “fear that the topic will disappear behind a name.” Watching a documentary made by Gérard Miller in 2011 changed his mind. “I probably would never have expressed myself in such a personal way on these networks if this documentary had not fallen before my eyes,” she writes. “No, Benoît Jacquot, a girl like her was 14 years old, and no, she was not enthusiastic about that.” Add above an image taken from this documentary, in which the director answers the psychoanalyst’s questions.

“I’m going to think. Where, when, how to say everything”

In this extract, also published on the social network, the age of sexual majority in France, and not 14 years, was a “transgression” but what“she didn’t give a damn” and? “Even she was very moved”. He adds that cinema allows one to obtain “a kind of cover for morality of this type”.

In this series of messages published on Instagram, Judith Godrèche suggests that she is ready to say more. “I’m going to think. Where, when, how to say everything”announces, highlighting having “I’m afraid of not working anymore, of not receiving support, but I have to do it for our daughters, our little sisters.”, continues the actress. The actress affirms that the filmmaker, now 76 years old, “threat” of “take to court for defamation”.

“So there you have it, I authorize you to repost, tweet, Facebook, tag, post, shout out everything I just wrote. Do it.”Judith Godrèche further urges.

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