Jordan Bardella responds to France 2 in “Touche pas à mon poste”

Jordan Bardella in “TPMP.”

VIDEO – Cyril Hanouna received this Friday afternoon at “TPMP” the president of the National Group, also the subject of one of the issues of the research magazine directed by Tristan Waleckx.

What do Cyril Hanouna, Gérard Depardieu and Jordan Bardella have in common? All three were recently the subject of an issue of “Further Research.” The one dedicated to the president of the National Group was broadcast on Thursday night on France 2.

This Friday, January 19 Jordan Bardella The “Touche pas à mon poste” scenario is offered as an audience for your right of reply. The politician is well received. Public service is one of the C8 troublemaker’s favorite targets. Last December, he devoted most of one of his broadcasts to the “Further Inquiry” report that called him the “godfather of the PAF.” With the support of his columnists, he dissected the sequences of the report one by one.

« There was a goal to aim for you”

Jacques Cardoze in “TPMP”

Same staging tonight with Jordan Bardella for whom this “additional investigation” is not “a portrait, but a judgment”. “When you do politics you are on a ladder. The higher you go, the more they try to push you to the side.says the politician for whom the broadcast date is anything but a coincidence. “We are in the 6 months of the official campaign before the European elections on June 9”explains before adding: “I am probably the only candidate who will be entitled to “additional investigation” into public service.”.

An analysis confirmed by Jacques Cardoze. In fact, the journalist and last member of the “TPMP” gang was still present at the production company in charge of producing this issue of “Complément d’investigation” during preparations for filming. “There was a goal to aim for you.”declares.

““Further investigation”, should be called “Les Guignols de l’info””adds Jordan Bardella. “I call them that too”, Cyril Hanouna responds conspiratorially. Then he can’t help but remember that his act broke audience records: 3 million viewers. Jordan Bardella announced send a “formal notice” to France Télévisions on the eve of the broadcast of the “Complementary investigation”. Threats that did not deter France 2, since the magazine presented by Tristan Waleckx was presented as planned and followed by 1.54 million curious viewers.

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