Jordan Bardella asks Rachida Dati to “explain herself” after her appearance on a rap show

Rachida Dati after the Council of Ministers on February 10.

The new Minister of Culture participated in the “DVM SHOW”, broadcast on the Twitch platform, provoking the indignation of Jordan Bardella and Éric Zemmour.

Appointed just a month ago on rue de Valois, Rachida Dati is causing a sensation. Last Friday, during the 39th edition of the Victoires de la Musique, the new Minister of Culture surprised the attendees by visiting a few moments in the France Télévisions mobile unit. This Monday, February 12, the mayor of District 7 did it again by participating in the rap program “DVM SHOW”, (acronym for “ duty, value and morality ), broadcast on the Twitch platform. If she didn’t rap, former minister Sarkozy spent several minutes together with the singers Dadju and Tayc.

“The Minister of Culture of the DVM of Aulnay-sous-Bois is incredible” congratulates one of the presenters, covered by the shouts of the audience. Starting in June 2023, the “DVM SHOW” program invites rappers to perform live on Twitch. In just a few months, the format has grown significantly and hosts world-famous artists such as Aya Nakamura.

Bardella asks the minister to “explain herself”

Rachida Dati, all smiles in the middle of the studio, indicates that she feels “At home” at the premises located in Aulnay-sous-Bois. The rap, “It is a culture that speaks to an entire generation, far beyond my daughter’s generation, it also speaks to me a little”, declares the minister before inviting the group of young people to the Ministry of Culture to produce a program. one of the presenters then he tells her : «But we make noise, you know?to which the former magistrate responds: “A Ministry of Culture without noise is not a Ministry of Culture,” again, to the exclamations of the public.

The sequence, widely spread on social networks, provoked the indignation of Jordan Bardella and Éric Zemmour. The president of the RN demanded that the minister explain “his hilarious presence” inside “a program that constantly promotes the agreement, the lair of an anti-Semitic rapper investigated for advocating terrorism.”

In July, the “DVM SHOW” hosted rapper Freeze Corleone, often accused of anti-Semitism and the subject of a preliminary investigation since February 10. Justice is particularly interested in the song. Haaland, where the artist – in a duet with the rapper Luciano – seems to refer to the attack of July 14, 2016 in Nice, which left 86 dead and several hundred injured on the Promenade des Anglais. The prefecture of Loire-Atlantique announced this Tuesday that it had initiated a procedure to ban the rapper’s next concert, which will take place in Nantes.

Also in X, Éric Zemmour criticized the appointment of Rachida Dati, who “I will never lead a right-wing policy”before demanding the abolition of the Ministry of Culture, “an intrinsically left-wing ministry” in benefit of “of a true Ministry of Fine Arts and French Heritage.”

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