Jenny Gryffon (Large Families) reveals her advice for managing your budget for your home renovations

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Every day is perfectly planned at Gryffons. Jenny, who keeps posting her daily recipes on her blog, gives news of her recently hospitalized son and shares her tips for finishing her wardrobe on time.

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After participating in We exchanged our mothers. and to Its my choiceJenny Gryffon saw her notoriety take off when she joined the cast of Large families: life in XXL. Although she no longer appears on screen today, the mother does not regret her participation: “I wanted to show that you can be young, have a professional career, five children, have a house maintained and get ahead financially.” Jenny, who still resides in the metropolis of Brest, focuses her efforts on her recipe blogs and Instagram content. Recently, this mother of six gave her advice on how to give Christmas gifts cheaply and then worried about her son who was preparing to undergo surgery.

Jenny Gryffon gives news after Gabriel’s operation

Still very active at home, Jenny Gryffon has added a new recipe to her blog: “Emma’s Chocolate Namandier”. The next day, it was the chicken meatballs that delighted the tribe. Gabriel, the only child in the family, who had his tonsils removed a week ago, is still “patraque”. Then his parents shower him with hugs. It is therefore with her son in her arms that the 36-year-old mother appears on her social networks to break news: “He complained a lot, his stomach and throat hurt. He was tired and in a bad mood. Everything was complicated, but this morning he seems to be better. He no longer snores at all and he no longer has sleep apnea. And he speaks better and better “

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Jenny GriffinLarge families) : “We spread the costs”

Then, Jenny Gryffon announces the program for this day, January 2, 2024. “It’s going to be a day at home. Because of the weather we’re not going to go out much”he says before delivering new advice for managing your budget for your home work.. “We were missing two doors for our dressing room. Due to lack of budget we divided the expenses and bought little by little. And now I would like to buy the last two remaining doors to finish.”

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