Jeff Panacloc: “For a Parisian, coming to Belgium is relaxing”

After having conquered a large audience with his shows, he made his film debut with “Jeff Panacloc: In Search of Jean-Marc”. For you, is this the fairy tale that continues?

“Yes, but I am aware that everything can stop overnight, like during the Covid period. These days of loneliness and anxiety scared me a lot. We were locked in our houses for a year and the question of stopping everything was clear. I was completely lost, I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life!”

Is it difficult to stay at the top of the billboard with the arrival of new comedians?

“It is difficult to question yourself and always be present when you get older. You have to try to adapt, not be too outdated while maintaining your DNA. With Jean-Marc who tells his four truths without a filter, it no longer surprises, although it still entertains. Ten years ago “We were almost the first to express ourselves in this way.”

Jeff Panacloc comes to the cinema for the first time with his puppet: “I could end up in prison with everything Jean-Marc says on stage”

So, without a filter, how do you see Belgium?

“For me, as a Parisian, it is relaxing to come to see you. Your kindness does good. In Belgium we look less for sensationalism, you like artistic exchange. It is more pleasant and more serene. My first Liège Forum It remains engraved in my heart. I had the impression of experiencing something improbable. What a crazy atmosphere! I also discovered its gastronomy. Now I have my little habits with my waffles and my fries. My favorite Belgian dish is the carbonnade, but also “Like the vol-au -vent. And sugar pie is my guilty pleasure. I am a big fan of sweets. At home, there are sweets that are not found in France. I bring them home in large quantities!”

Cinema, shows, musicals and comics.

Featured by Patrick Sébastien in 2011 thanks to “The Greatest Cabaret in the World”, Jeff Panacloc (real name Damien Colcanap) took his first steps on stage at the age of 9. At the age of 17 he met the ventriloquist David Michel and his puppet the penguin Nestor, and became interested in ventriloquism. He creates Jean-Marc (discovered in a magic shop), a “politically incorrect, rude and lascivious” monkey who dares to say everything about the personalities who are in the news, and imposes his famous phrase “Hello, idiots!” Twelve years later, here is Jeff, in the comic, in the movies… On the big screen, he meets this living stuffed animal who will take him on a crazy adventure. “These film premieres scare me a lot”acknowledges Jeff Panacloc. “I’m anxious about life (Editor’s note: he also experienced burnout), but I had a great time. In the movie I’m not a ventriloquist. I must exist outside of Jean-Marc. He no longer belongs to me. This idea came from my producer eight years ago. With success we feel better!” The sequel will be a musical, “Victor vers le futur.” “I’m a big fan of the movie with Michael J. Fox. He rocked my entire childhood. The story is simple but moving: a boy makes a big mistake that will put his parents in danger. He goes back to the past to try to solve the problem.” Jeff Panacloc will perform his new show at Forest National on April 22.

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