Jean-Jacques Annaud reveals Sean Connery’s capricious behavior in The Name of the Rose

Guest of the original band to evoke the emergence of rose name In theaters, Jean-Jacques Annaud revealed that he did not want Sean Connery in the film.

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Sean Connery, the unforgettable interpreter of James Bond in five films in the saga of the exploits of Agent 007, died in October 2020 in his sleep at the age of 90. The actor has a very impressive filmography. In particular, he played the Franciscan monk William of Baskerville in The name of the rose. Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film released in 1986 returns to theaters on February 21 in a restored version. The director was the guest of the original band on France Inter to talk about this return to theaters of the adaptation of the cult novel by Umberto Eco.

Jean-Jacques Annaud did not want James Bond in his feature film

Jean-Jacques Annaud took the opportunity to make an important revelation about the feature film’s lead actor. “It was a disaster. I didn’t want it”, he indicated. It must be said that Sean Connery was still very marked by his role as James Bond at the time. “His agent called me every two weeks saying: “You have to meet Sean Connery, he would love to play the role.” and I told him : ‘Wait, it’s already a medieval theologian called William of Ockham, it’s also an Umberto Eco trick, Sherlock Holmes, I’m not going to add 007 to that,'” he recalled. As Jean-Jacques Annaud had anticipated, the actor was overcome by the notoriety of his role as a spy. “It was a very big difficulty. I remember when Sean arrived in Italy. Press conference, the first question : ‘So 007?’ And suddenly on the board, “I had to forbid anyone from calling him 007.”, he continued.

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Sean Connery wanted to wear socks to play a Franciscan monk

Filming was further complicated by the whims of Sean Connery. “Look, he had blue socks, I tell him: ‘Sean, what are these socks? Tells me : “It was their costume designer who knit them for me,” she said. And if the director hadn’t asked the costume designer to knit socks for the actor, he had a good reason to do so. He just had cold feet, but the clothes didn’t really fit the medieval monk role of him. “This Franciscan has socks.” He tried to beat Sean Connery. “After a little discussion, it’s still the beginning of filming, it bothers me a little that it’s starting like this. He takes off his sandals, puts on his socks, throws them in the snow and tells me : ‘I hate these damn monks. I hate these damn monks.”, He finished his anecdote. The filming of rose name started well…

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