It’s time to give (big) love to Louis Jean

He Super Bowl LVIII now it’s a thing of the past. The return of the Chiefs… The dispute between Travis Kelce and Andy Reid… The 49ers players who didn’t know all the rules in overtime… the extraordinary television ratings across the United States… The tap of beer from Taylor, Swift…

I don’t think even Vince McMahon would have written a script that good.

I was in the car (gasoline, sorry Valérie) on Saturday and came across the voice of Louis Jean on the airwaves of 98.5 FM. He had completely forgotten about it. It must be said that my radio talk sports, I usually consume it at BPM Sports when I’m in the car. Except weekends and weekday afternoons, as there are no live broadcasts.

Since Saturday I wanted to talk about Louis Jean… but I didn’t really know how to do it.

I found: I am going to do it in the simplest way possible, simply by giving big Love to Luis. After all, it is World Radio Day.

From the Lavoie – Jean Gate 2021, the details of which were only partially revealed several months later, we no longer see Louis Jean anywhere. And we barely hear it.

Renaud Lavoie continues to appear on TVA Sports and BPM Sports, two places where we also heard Louis Jean before.

Rappelling : Louis Jean was removed from TVA Sports on December 31, 2022 for reasons economic / business… but also due to a conflict between Louis Jean and Renaud Lavoie. In the end, the chain Quebecois He had to make a decision… and he made it that day: to resolve the somewhat toxic climate that had set in, he had and the edge by Renaud (the gentle inside the history).

we do not listen big world I come to the defense of Louis Jean following this whole story… and I feel like doing it today.

And since I do what I want here, no one will ever dictate anything to me.

In 2019, Air Canada invited me to cover an event. #VolDeFana trip during which the airline gave some contest winners and a young man named Thomas a journey In New York. I went there with my girlfriend and we actually attended a game. Canadians vs Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Joel Armia scored two goals that afternoon…

Well he ” guide » from that event was none other than Louis Jean and I never wrote how wonderful he was with the winners and the young man with a disability.

Arriving in Manhattan, Louis took the child on his shoulders, he had carried him to all parts of the city, in particular to the NHL offices, he had accompanied him in the hotel hallway until Thomas wanted to go to bed (and Thomas was a night owl)…

All this with a smile and a generosity that is uncommon in the sector. Unfortunately, many people wait until they see a camera on to behave like good people…

Louis Jean is a good guy… and I think it’s time to give him a bigger place in the industry.

I know, the industry has been eliminating more jobs than it has created in recent years… but there will always be room for the best.

Will Louis Jean continue his mandate as weekends on 98.5 FM for much longer? I’m not sure…

Last fall I was told that these weekend and weekday replacement mandates (Good night athletes) were somehow intended to be evidence for Louis and the station.

Some were convinced that Louis Jean would land alongside Patrick Lagacé in August 2024, when the latter will replace Paul Arcand in the morning. Pierre Martineau, VP of 98.5, however, denied this rumor saying it was false. and that there was no plan linking Louis Jean and the show in the morning. You have to believe these people when go out Thus. If they lie, it ends in their faces (and they don’t want that, hehe).

Hurry to see what Louis Jean’s plans are for next season. His name was linked to BPM Sports last year, especially for the morning slot… but Anthony Desaulniers, Max Lalonde and Gilbert Delorme are doing a good job currently. We’re not stopping the show yet, are we?

Could Louis be interested in another schedule (midmorning for example) in BPM Sports? I’m not at all convinced about it… and the station already has Maxime Van Houtte there. It would seem crazy to close it a few weeks after his return…

In short, I don’t know what the future holds for Louis Jean… but I hope he gets some scores on weekends at 98.5. If so, someone will let you know. And if it is not in French, it will be in English; He was at Sportsnet before landing at TVA Sports.

Very often, society likes to see “bad boys” being punished, before returning a few months and years later, repentant. Louis Jean served his punishment…even if he is not a bad, as tradition dictates. I hope you get another quality opportunity.

Please note that LP Guy, former 91.9 Sports host, still anchors evenings Monday through Thursday on 98.5 FM. For those who are wondering.

A lot

– RDS is currently excellent in its coverage. land coming from CF Montréal.

– La Presse also does excellent work in Florida. Hearing Laurent Courtois say that he is inspired by Wilfried Nancy is amazing.

Taylor Swift – Coyotes Sisters Players : same treatment (or almost).

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