It’s one of cinema’s biggest mysteries: where do the Joker’s scars come from in The Dark Knight? – Movie news

Played by Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”, the terrifying Joker sports two abominable scars on each side of his mouth. But what exactly are his origins?

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger dream of the end of Total Recall? Does Dom Cobb’s top stop spinning once the credits of Inception roll? What exactly does the last FedEx package that Tom Hanks has to deliver contain in Alone in the World?

Cinema has always been full of mysteries, and many films choose not to offer all the answers to their viewers, preferring to leave the questions hanging over a more or less important detail of their plot.

The Nolan mysteries

A great fan of enigmas and mysteries – not in vain the logo of his production company represents a labyrinth – Christopher Nolan is one of those filmmakers who usually count on the intelligence and imagination of his fans to fill an empty void, deliberately. left by the stage.

Thus, in The Dark Knight, the second part of his legendary trilogy dedicated to the adventures of Batman, the director deliberately chose to never reveal to the public how the Joker got the terrible scars on his face.

Memorably played by Heath Ledger, the film’s terrifying antagonist is actually an extremely mysterious character, about whom we know almost everything, including the origin of his vile scars.

However, twice in the film, he himself gives an explanation for these injuries.

Warner Bros.

“Do you want to know where these scars come from?”

“Do you want to know where these scars come from?”, he asks a gangster before killing him, at the beginning of the film. He then explains that it was his father, a drunk and sadist, who did them with a kitchen knife.

But a few sequences later, when he is invited to the fundraising evening organized by Bruce Wayne, he explains to Rachel Dawes that he himself cut his own face with a razor, in solidarity with his wife, who suffered the same fate after contracting a huge gambling debt. .

In short, two completely different testimonies provided by the protagonist himself, which will supposedly blur the lines in the minds of the spectators and give the character an even more unstable, elusive and chaotic dimension.

Warner Bros.

“We didn’t want to show their origins.”

In 2012, at the microphone of Empire magazineChristopher Nolan had precisely explained that this uncertainty was necessary to make the Joker even more terrifying:

“Our Joker (…) In fact, it has always represented the highest degree of anarchy and chaos. He is pure evil, through pure anarchy. And what makes it so terrifying is the failure to humanize it in terms of storytelling. Heather (Ledger) I found all kinds of fantastic ways to humanize it to make it real. (…)But narratively speaking, we didn’t want to humanize him, we didn’t want to show his origins or show what led him to do what he does because that would have made him less threatening.”

Where do you think the Joker’s scars come from? The dark knight ?

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