“It’s a religion” For this director, Star Wars is much more than a simple science fiction saga

news culture “It’s a religion” For this director, Star Wars is much more than a simple science fiction saga

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If Star Wars has always sparked controversy between generations, it must be admitted that the new trilogy produced by Disney seems to have won the genre award. For this director, this is not really surprising since Star Wars is a real religion.

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More than a science fiction saga, a religion

When Disney bought Star Wars, fans were already divided into two categories. There were those who wanted to give the company a chance in Mickey’s ears, and those who already thought that the universe created by George Lucas was dead and buried. It took several years to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens It never made it to the movies and that didn’t help critics much. Despite a convincing new cast and successful visual effects, the film directed by JJ Abrams it was then heavily criticized for its similarities with the first installment of the saga, among others. However, The latter had more or less seen them coming, because he already knew that this license acted like a real religion among certain fans. In any case, this is what he explained to Daisy Ridley when casting her in the role of King:

Understand the scale. It’s not a role in a movie. It’s a religion for some people. It changes things to an inconceivable level.

If we can hardly prove him wrong, it’s still surprising to imagine that JJ Abrams could have given this speech to Daisy Ridley when hiring her, all without preparing an actual plan for the new trilogy. Because if Rey’s character has attracted a lot of criticism because his power sometimes comes out of nowhere, Most of the criticism of this new trilogy revolved more around its writing than its cast. However, it was the actors who found themselves on the front line against the avalanche of insults, Daisy Ridley in particular.

Daisy Ridley, collateral victim of the new trilogy

While the prospect of acting in a license as popular as Star Wars might surprise any actor (and especially those who have yet to make a name for themselves in the industry), it must be admitted that those who have had the opportunity to do so in Not everyone in the new trilogy has retained great memories of this experience. On the French program Clique, Daisy Ridley, for example, spoke about her feelings after watching Star Wars 7:

I told myself I was shit, that I was really worthless. I cried my eyes out thinking it was the worst thing that had ever happened to Star Wars. I had never seen myself in a leading role so for me it was something unexpected and very surprising, it shocked me.

"it `s a religion" For this director, Star Wars is much more than a simple science fiction saga

Between the premiere of episode 7 and episode 8, the British actress developed a form of anxiety so strong that she lived with holes in the wall of her stomach. Luckily, Daisy Ridley has taken the time to take care of herself since then, especially during the pandemic. Today you can find her in the lead role of the independent film. Miss Fran’s dream life, in which she plays a painfully shy office worker in a small port town. The film is particularly well made and can still be seen in many cinemas in France.

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