“It’s a moment I will never forget”: Wilfred received a standing ovation at the Bell Center

The 14 members of the first version of Star Académie experienced strong emotions during the two presentations of the show “And it is not finished”, in Montreal and Quebec.

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In an interview with LCN, the winner of the first edition of the Quebec television phenomenon, Wilfred LeBouthillier, declared himself particularly moved by the ovation that the Bell Center audience gave him on January 12, during his performance of “La Ballad”. by Jean Batailleur.

“The emotions I experienced at that moment were so intense! Receiving the affection of the public like this is very moving. It hits you, you are destabilized and, at that moment, I still have one sentence left to say and I wonder how I am going to sing without my voice shaking,” said the singer, still visibly moved.

“It’s a moment I will never forget,” he added.

A meeting of nostalgic

Furthermore, Wilfred and his 13 companions were moved by the enthusiasm of the fans, 20 years after the first season of Star Académie.

“Everyone was going back 20 years. All the great nostalgists of this world were present,” comments the New Brunswicker newspaper.

“It was such a significant event that I have the impression that everyone remembers 20 years ago what stage of life they were going through,” he adds.

For the 14 former academics, the last two Fridays were “magical,” says Wilfred LeBouthillier.

“As artists, we have all evolved over a 20-year career. There are some who no longer do it today, but the fact is that those who do it today simply make the show better than it was 20 years ago,” indicates the Acadian artist.

The two shows of the last few days will be forever etched in your memory.

“When we started this adventure, we did it a little naively. On this young person and on saying that this moment is, on the second moment that we will appreciate it, but 20 years later, today, on a savory chacune of the seconds that will pass, soutient the singer.

Although Wilfred knows that this meeting will only last two nights, he would like to repeat the experience, perhaps on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Star Académie’s 2003 vintage.

“You can never tell… In any case, I want to relive that with the whole gang,” he says.

To see the full interview, watch the video above.

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