“It’s a gift from an ex”: a “Married at First Sight” participant minutes before the wedding…

We had to wait until the third episode to find out if Kévin and Romain were going to exchange vows in front of the mayor. This wait finally ended when they said “yes” to the commune. After a romantic photo session where the young couple was able to discover more of each other, and a warm evening surrounded by their respective families, they enjoyed their first night as newlyweds at the hotel, before flying to a still secret destination.

Kévin, after the first episode of “Married at First Sight”: “It was difficult for me to realize it”

Meanwhile, everything is going well for Estelle and Lucas, on their honeymoon in Cyprus, who continue to discover each other and get closer every day.

A second “yes” to the municipality

Viewers also had the pleasure of witnessing a new marriage between Hélène and Benjamin. If the respective parents of the two candidates had not been enthusiastic about the announcement of their union, the lovebirds nevertheless chose to continue their adventure and go to town to exchange their vows. For the couple with 77.5% compatibility, a “yes” sounded again.

“My medicine for the heart”: the father-in-law of a “Married at First Sight” participant in shock after the announcement…

However, what especially caught the attention of viewers was the preparation of Benjamín, who did not hesitate to joke with his godfather while he got ready. While his godfather and his brother congratulated him on his guard, the groom laughed and said: “It’s a gift from an ex.“It is unlikely that the wife would appreciate seeing the images.

As for the young woman, although she said “yes” to the people, it was not love at first sight. “It’s not my style physically”, he explained in front of the camera. Will he be able to overcome it to continue with Benjamín? We’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out.

a new couple

Viewers have met a new couple, made up of Jean-Philippe, 41 years old, father of two daughters, and Tiziana, 37 years old and also mother of a 14-year-old girl. Although the announcement of his marriage to the young woman’s relatives went smoothly, Jean-Philippe had to deal with very reluctant parents. “I don’t understand how we can do that.”declared the latter’s mother upon hearing the news.

With a compatibility of 78.3%, will the couple say yes? Answer on Sunday, March 31 on RTL TVi!

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