“It was hard…” Arié Elmaleh admits having suffered the comparison with his brother Gad Elmaleh

In December 2020, the television movie. date with crime It had been tested on France 3 to become, if successful, a recurring series. Having known this first part to its audience, this Tuesday, January 30, a new episode is broadcast on the channel while waiting for two additional parts. His partner Sophie de Fürst, the motorcycle, his job, his brother… the actor shares his secrets with us.

Arie Elmaleh (date with crime): “With the complicity we have with Sophie, we tend to improvise.

Télé-Leisure: date with crime It looks a bit like the English series Inspector Barnaby, do you like this British look?
Arie Elmaleh:
The series is adapted from the English novels “The Yorkshire Detectives” by Julia Chapman and this is precisely what we liked about this project, it was to make a town thriller, with local investigations that have a connection with agriculture and rural trades. That’s what I like about this series, it’s this warm side of the earth.

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You play Samson, who is phlegmatic, and your partner Sophie de Fürst plays Lila, who is overexcited. Did you work together on this dynamic?
I wish I could tell you that we worked like crazy to achieve this but that is the magic of our meeting. You couldn’t be more different than Sophie and me! I am tall and phlegmatic, and Sophie is small and she is an electric drummer with a tremendous potential. She’s so funny, she talks at 200 miles per hour and has a billion ideas per second!

You already know each other well, do you have room in the scenes to do some improvisations?
Yes a lot ! We receive the scripts and always take the time to read them before shooting. We see what works and what doesn’t, we make the necessary modifications. Sometimes we have to go deeper into this or that scene. And on set, when we play, things happen depending on the setting and the atmosphere. With the complicity we have with Sophie we tend to improvise. Be careful, it is written but we can allow ourselves liberties in the heat of the action and it is very pleasant. I think it makes the exchanges even more authentic.

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Your character rides a motorcycle, can you do some stunts?
And no… It’s not so much about doing stunts or driving a motorcycle, because I know how to do it. The complicated thing is that it requires a lot of organization. But I love waterfalls. It’s fun, but it requires a lot of precision, it’s choreography. When the director says action, there is a kind of reptilian brain reflex, and we want to act as if it were true, even if it is the worst thing that can be done. In fact, the faker it is, the better it plays. On one set, I was doing a fight scene with real cops and the kids couldn’t help but pretend it was real. This is the danger we have because we can get hurt very quickly. So when I find myself filming these types of scenes, I always tell the actors beforehand: ‘Guys, this is for fakes, okay?’ (Series).

You have directed episodes in Tomorrow belongs to usAre you going to do an upcoming filming session?
Yes, if I have time. I’m very happy to do this, so I would love to come back. It is a great challenge because it is a great mechanism. It is an exciting adventure because it is a challenge to enter this universe, to meet all the characters with the little time we have. It was an experience that I enjoyed very much. I find the exercise very nice.

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Arie Elmaleh (date with crime): “From very early on I was immersed in an environment in which we loved being on stage.

Theater, film, television… You are a jack of all trades. Do you like to explore all the arts?
I also do photography. I like when there is an artisanal side. I need to do things. For example, I love tinkering, I do carpentry. And when I’m a director, for me it’s production. It’s good to build something from A to Z and see it last over time.

What do you like about being an actor? Meetings or being able to integrate into the characters?
All this at the same time. When you’re in a routine, you live your life, you pick up your kids from school, you go shopping, and suddenly, for two months, you start filming. It’s you and someone else at the same time and it allows you to recharge. I currently perform at night in the theater (L’Amour chez les autres at the Édouard VII theater in Paris Editor’s note), so my days are free. I keep them busy writing, taking care of my children, thinking about the future. But it is true that when you are in new projects you get the desire to do this work again. This helps recharge the batteries. I have the possibility of going to the provinces for a month and a half and changing my life, it’s great. I’m happy to leave the house and I’m happy to come home.

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Your father was a mime, did you grow up in an artistic environment?
Completely. Afterwards, everyone makes their own path, my father, my brother, me… But it is true that I discovered the stage accompanying my father at the Café-Théâtre. From very early on I was immersed in an environment in which we loved being on stage. Watching my father sketch and mime probably helped make me love it.

You are often compared to your brother. Now that you have made a name for yourself in this profession, will it be less so?
It is true that today people stop me on the street and say: ‘You are Arié Elmaleh.’ Before they told me: ‘You are the brother of Gad Elmaleh.’ It was difficult when I was younger. When you haven’t proven yourself yet and you don’t have public recognition, it’s difficult. It didn’t calm me down and I could tell myself that people wouldn’t like me. They didn’t like me for who I am. , but because they saw me. “My brother through me, and it wasn’t always obvious. Even journalists can’t help but write: ‘The brother of Gad Elmaleh.’ But deep down, people aren’t bad, they just can’t help but make the comparison. And that’s part of me. Today I feel like I have public recognition, they assign me roles, so I am more serene, I am calmer.

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