It is one of the 10 superhero movies you should have seen in your life: released 24 years ago, it is the most realistic feature film of the genre! – Movie news

According to a list compiled by the AlloCiné editorial team, M. Night Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable” is one of the 10 superhero feature films you absolutely must have seen.

Romantic comedy, western, science fiction or animation…

Each founding genre of cinema has its essential works, its essential classics that every film buff must have seen at least once in their life. A few years ago, in the AlloCiné editorial team we worked hard to select the 10 feature films that, for each category, were in our eyes the films to discover as a priority.

Much more recent than their many older sisters, but having managed to gain a prominent place in the cinematographic panorama of recent decades, superhero films had also caught our attention. Among the 10 works we had selected, somewhere between a Marvel and a Nolan’s Batman, was a feature film like no other: the profound and powerful Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan.

After the sixth sense…

Directed in 2000 by the man who had already amazed the entire world with his memorable Sixth Sense, starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, this UFO superhero film took the genre on the wrong foot, offering audiences a spectacle that was as realistic as possible. .

Light years away from red capes, tight jumpsuits and pixel explosions, Unbreakable appropriated the codes of comics to tell the crossed destinies of two men: a vigilante and his nemesis.

touchstone Photos

Bruce Willis in “Unbreakable”

The most realistic film of its kind.

On the one hand, David Dunn, miraculous survivor of a terrible railway disaster, wonders how he managed to escape without the slightest scratch from an accident in which all the other passengers died. On the other hand, Elijah Price, who suffers from a rare disease that leaves his bones as brittle as glass, has a fascinating theory about how David survived.

Little by little incorporating the fantastic into an intimate and pragmatic universe, with subtlety and intelligence, Shyamalan gives us here one of his best films, but also a totally unique vision of comic book culture. Thanks to the inventive narration of the filmmaker and the talent of his actors, everything takes on a dimension of rare power. Every blow received is felt, every response weighs, every sequence captivates more than any clash of titans could.

(Re)discover all the hidden details of “Unbreakable”…

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