Is this new rule of the mysterious star validated by Emilien (Les 12 Coups de midi)?

Formidable champion of the 12 Coups de midi, Emilien continues searching for his mysterious seventh star. Are you bothered by the new rule imposed by production to allow you to quote a personality? Here is the response of the young Vendéen.

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Nothing or little seems to make the impressive Emilien tremble. This Vendean, barely 21 years old, has been living a waking dream since he set foot on the plateau of 12 noon shots. With 178 victories to his credit and a prize pool close to 750,000 euros, the young man firmly entered the top 4 of the ranking of the greatest champions of the TF1 game. His encyclopedic knowledge left Jean-Luc Reichmann speechless on several occasions, who even offered him a job once his adventure was over. A presenter tired of seeing his talent exported to other competing programs:

Is the rule of the mysterious star a problem for Emilien?

The current Master of Noon has even gone further. land six mysterious stars, well accompanied by her shadow friends at work. But the seventh rejects him, even though he has almost revealed all the boxes in the fresco, including a compact. This Thursday, March 21, 2024, Jessica’s boyfriend was unable to propose the name of a new personality, victim of the new rule implemented by production. You must answer all five Master’s Coup questions correctly for a chance to win the mysterious star display. A recent rule that the old Midday Masters had not had. What does the champion think?

“There is no particular frustration”

Our colleagues from 7 days of television He asked the question and Emilien’s answer reflects his personality: simple and humble. “There is no particular frustration because I knew it. In fact, when I arrived, at the beginning of my trip, this rule already existed so I had no other option.”, he laughs. Before continuing with his explanation: “This rule is already in place, so I see it as an additional difficulty.. But I don’t like to think that that generates frustration.”. However, the history student admits to feeling some pressure during the last round. “Perhaps there is a particular tension at the moment of the master stroke and a pressure that means that at that moment, that is, the moment when we are alone in the middle to respond and have to think, sometimes we get knots in the head”. heads when we shouldn’t.” confesses who sometimes admits to having dated “relatively stupid answers.” However, this is not the style of the house.

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