Is Josée Boudreault returning to the radio?: “No, that’s no”

Those who were still hoping to witness the return of Josée Boudreault behind the microphone of a radio station will have to cry.

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“Now I’m somewhere else,” responds Josée Boudreault with all her good humor, today delighted with the conferences she offers with her partner, Louis-Philippe Rivard.

Since the two blows that forced Mme Boudreault will retire from the world of media, in 2016 and 2017, the duo gave more than 500 conferences focused, among other things, on resilience, well-being and relationships.

“We do our things, we have fun and we don’t put pressure on ourselves; “It’s incredible,” she rejoices, accompanied by her accomplice in an interview with The newspaper.

The two lovebirds have also published several books together, including three volumes of Be your best frienda book that addresses self-love, which is the central theme of the conferences they currently offer.

Despite the nostalgia he may feel when remembering the years he spent in the studio, Mme Boudreault does not miss the pressure and precariousness that accompanied this career.

“It is a very competitive environment; a bad study can cause the loss of the contract,” explains Rivard, who sometimes takes over to speak on behalf of her beloved when her aphasia, a consequence of the first stroke, makes itself felt.

“I am very happy to no longer be here and not feel like I am fighting for my place,” confirms the main interested party.

Quebec humor is in full health

Although they have held different positions in the world of comedy during their careers – Mme Boudreault on stage and Rivard writing: they say they are excited about the future of this medium.

For his part, the author and writer with around thirty years of experience notes that we are beginning to feel more comfortable addressing, through laughter, topics that have recently been more delicate.

“Discomfort is good for humor,” Rivard says. “It is not true that we can no longer say anything, we just have to wait for the right moment. Currently, we feel like something fun is coming; Comedians are becoming more daring and I have a lot of fun writing.”

For his part, Boudreault is excited about the new female guard in the comedy world.

“I love it! The girls are very good, they are fun and they are not afraid,” he is happy.

The couple is happy to see women with humor move away from clichés and each develop their own colors.

“Women used to be expected to talk about women’s issues. “It’s beautiful to see women be themselves (on stage) and do what they want,” adds Rivard.

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