Interview: “They forced me to choose”, Valérie Blais reflects on a bittersweet decision

Last fall, we learned that Prime Video took over the popular series Nuit blanche, abandoned by its broadcaster in 2021. In fact, the ending left everyone in the lurch. Viewers even signed a petition to get answers to the riddles that the production left unanswered. If the public was delighted with this return, two years later, they were also surprised to learn that Valérie Blais, the interpreter of Charlotte Hébert, one of the main protagonists, would be replaced by Brigitte Lafleur. It was quite a challenge for the latter. Read more here.

The actress of the original version explains to us the inconveniences of such a situation, for an actress. “ We lost our jobs, that’s what happened. And we had to look for work again, because we also have to understand that, when we interrupted a series like that, for my part, I had said no to other things to be available… And there you find that I don’t have a job. And we don’t have unemployment, we don’t have any of that. So I found myself a bit, quote-unquote, “ass in the water.” »

Life sometimes gets it right, because the opportunity to play one of the protagonists of the film adaptation of sisters-in-law stood in his way.

« I had to find a job and, among other things, the job I found was at Belles-Sœurs., and I got involved with them. »

Meanwhile, the production of the drama series announced its resurrection on Prime airwaves to its original cast. Bittersweet news for the actress that she once again found herself struggling with a scheduling conflict.

« Les Belles-Sœurs organized themselves more quickly than Nuit blanche in terms of schedules: when it came time for Nuit blanche to make a schedule, there were four days that did not work (…). They forced me to choose. And for me, he is the first to arrive, the first to be served, I had committed myself and my contract was not yet signed with Nuit Blanche. »

Did Valérie then feel a certain disappointment with the production of White Night? She answers :

No, I’ll tell you something that no one ever says and that’s wonderful… It’s that in the end there are two fifty-year-old actresses working. I am happy, Brigitte Lafleur is a very good actress and she is going to make it her business. Cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people.

She continues ” Yes, it’s boring for the audience, but they’re going to discover a Charlotte who’s going to be great. »

It’s disappointing, but I’m not very nostalgic. I believe in destiny. And the fact of not having made Nuit blanche allowed me to make L’aréna. You have to listen to your instinct.

Regarding the new comedy sketch in which the actress plays Patricia, a protagonist who runs a bar with a good heart, Valérie Blais has had nothing but good words to say. Furthermore, she shares very tender scenes with Benoît Brière and her complicity transcends the screen. “ My great gift is Benoît. He is a colleague from drama school. 30 years later, it was fun to meet again “She was happy about it.

Regarding The Arena, he adds: “ I find there is something for everyone. We are the ‘veterans’ in our level of comedy and hop, you have something much younger, much more modern with the coaches or Phil, that seems funny to me. »

I really like multigenerational. I think there is not enough. Everything is segmented, people are isolated, people are alone. I think multigenerational is a solution. I think it’s a good television idea.

We completely agree with the actress regarding this last statement. Television projects that bring together young and old are often excellent opportunities to create precious moments.

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