Interview Marc-André Grondin: The Successor, the relationship with his father and the balance between work and family life!

HollywoodPQ I had the opportunity to speak with the kind and talented Marc-André Grondin on the sidelines of the film premiere The successorin which he plays Elijahthe new artistic director of a famous French Haute Couture house.

After the death of his father, he will have to go to Quebec to settle the inheritance…

For having seen the film directed by Xavier Legrand and which hits theaters today, February 2, we can assure you that it is a captivating project that keeps us Recorded on the edge of our seat and that takes us through a wide range of emotions.

HollywoodPQ: “Tell me your experience in this movie!”

Marc-André Grondin: “Even though it is a very, very, very dark movie (…) and anxiety-inducing, we still had a very bad time fun to do it. I think we needed to counteract a little bit of the heaviness of certain scenes by going a little silly! Javierthe director, is still super funny (…) so we had a lot of fun, but it was still a pretty difficult shoot. Filming winter nights in Repentigny, not because it’s Repentigny (laughs), but because we’re in a small neighborhood, it’s dark, we’re filming at night, it’s heavy. The nature of the settings makes the days difficult. There were many questions. It is a project that, on paper, I knew was going to be dark, but in the end it’s much darker… let’s just say the descent into hell is even deeper than I thought! There was a pretty quick abandon in the filming where I trusted the director and he guided me through the process and I had very, very little restraint at one point. With the fatigue and all the weight of what we had to interpret, he takes away the layers of protection that you can have as an actor (…) ”

HPQ: “You say there were many questions, what were those questions?”

MAGAZINE: “I always doubt at the beginning of a project, if I am doing the right thing, if I am the right choice for it (…) I really don’t want to audition, because I hate it (…) but, At the same time, when you audition, you say to yourself: They chose you because they saw what can be and that’s what they want! When you’re not auditioning, you’re committed to a promise of performance that, ultimately, may not necessarily be what the director wants. When it starts, it’s already too late. So I still have a little doubt. Sure IX13, I had something and it is healthy, but there, perhaps I had a bigger one, because it is a project that is destabilizing, because it is demanding, because it is a bet, it is behind closed doors, 3/4 of the film, I am alone. Try not to repeat yourself too much. You try to find variations in a certain form of repetition (…) I think there was a side that perhaps I hesitated longer in the process (…)”

HPQ: “After listening to the movie, are there things you see afterwards that you would change?”

MAGAZINE: “Always. Always. There is nothing I’ve done that I would do again exactly the same, the same! There are moments all the time when I do it: Oh, if I had known, I would have done it! Ah, that scene… (…) I am happy, I am happy with the strong proposal that the film is, I think it is really a cinema proposal that generates reactions, that generates emotions, that surprises, that mistreats, that gives the impression that we are in a drama and pafwe fall into the genre and paf, We’re getting you into something… is it humor? Can we laugh? Yes. (…) We are in a Greek tragedy, but at the same time, in a fashion show (…) it is a film that is an artistic expression that is not made to succeed at the box office or to please the general public. He is truly a director, an artist, who decided to tell a story the way he wanted to tell it (…) reading it, he was there, doing it, we feel it. I am happy with the result (…) I, when the director is happy, my job It’s done! After that, we hope that the public joins in (…)”

HPQ: “And do you think the public will join in, precisely?

MAGAZINE: “I don’t know! But it still won an audience award at a festival, so I say to myself: Well, yeah, you know, there’s a chance that people might like a trip like that anxiety-inducing one! (…) it is true and true that it is not a crew pleasethat’s not CRAZY, is not a family chronicle, it is a work close to Greek tragedy. We have something strong (…) I am sure that someone will go see this film and will not be disappointed with the reaction it will generate!”

HPQ: “Have your family and your partner (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) had the opportunity to see the film or not yet?”

MAGAZINE: “No, because she was filming when he went to CINEMANÍA and my mother was injured and couldn’t come. My brother was not available, he was working. In the end there are not many people around me who have seen him (laughs), I have friends who came, but he is already there! (…)”

HPQ: “How do you think your partner will react to watching the movie?”

MAGAZINE: “She’s the only one who knows what’s in the movie! Nobody knows! I’ve been trying to prepare my mother for a year, without telling her, to do something like: This is not a small fashion movie, it’s even more exciting than that! So she knows, I’m glad I didn’t see him pregnant! I told myself: Maybe I would have gone into labor right in the middle of the screening! But I still can’t wait for him to see it to get his opinion. She, anyway, she’s so fan Because I wear earrings, she loves it! (laughs) she sees me on the poster and says: The earrings look great on you! I won’t get my ears pierced!

HPQ: “In the film, you address the relationship between a father and his son. What was your relationship with your father like?

MAGAZINE: “My God, much more relaxed! (laughs) Incomparable with the movie, otherwise it would be hurried on! I had a great relationship with my father, we saw each other a lot, he was very present, in the last years of his life he was also very present. So when he passed away, it was sad… because of everything he’s going to miss and the fact that he died young. But I don’t regret the relationship I had with him, absolutely not! Unlike the movie, my father left a very positive legacy in my life, in the sense that… both in my personal life, in who I am and who I became, but also, in the years after his death , I met a lot of people, whether in radio or in the media, who worked with him and they all had such positive memories of him that they projected a lot onto me. These people, when I meet them, they already love me, because I project this kindness that my father had (…) there you can see the importance of the legacy and to what extent “It is important to maintain good relationships with people, because it is possible that some day they meet your child and that will make you another ally!

HPQ: “You and (Sarah-Jeanne) just had a second child. What is it like to balance work and family?

MAGAZINE: “We found a way to make this work! I think there are more stressful moments, more hurried on than others, more complicated in schedule management, lunch, daycare, school, all that, but we have done very well so far. When my son was born, we still took turns, in the sense that she finished a project and I started one, so… We had a time when we both worked a lot, but overall it’s not that bad! We were still lucky! She’s not working right now and I work a little bit, but it’s still more relaxed! (…) Like any parent, we are tired and we don’t go to bed late, but I don’t think it’s that different! It is true that if we both made fiction at the same time, the schedules would always be very complicated because sometimes they are 16-17 hour days. We’re ok!”

HPQ: “What would you like to achieve next?”

MAGAZINE: “I produce for television there! I would like everything to go well and sample that we make it successful, that we can make others and I would like to produce a feature film as well. Otherwise, the things I want to achieve (…) I think it’s a lot in production, I have a lot of hope to be able to solidify the place we have with Fair-Play in fiction and as an actor, it has IX13 Which I had a lot of fun and I hope there is another season of this! (…) I dream of making a western, maybe one day… if not, it doesn’t matter! I think I have already been lucky enough to experience extraordinary things and there are people who would kill to have half of what I have experienced. I’m very satisfied, so even if I stopped filming overnight, I would find it boring, but I couldn’t complain!

We thank Marc-André Grondin for his great generosity and this very interesting interview.

Don’t miss The Successor, in theaters starting January 2!

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