Influencer Andrew Tate is released but remains under judicial control

The 37-year-old British-American was arrested along with his brother on “two European arrest warrants” related to sexual assault charges in the United Kingdom.



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Andrew Tate, masculinist influencer, is arrested by the police in Bucharest (Romania), on March 12, 2024. (DANIEL MIHAILESCU / AFP)

After a brief period in prison, Andrew Tate was released on Tuesday, March 12, in Romania. The American-British masculinist influencer was arrested again following accusations of sexual assault committed in the United Kingdom. He had been detained along with his brother under “two European arrest warrants issued by the British judicial authorities for the commission of sexual crimes and exploitation of people on the territory of the United Kingdom.”

The Bucharest Court of Appeal decided to postpone his extradition until the Romanian procedure is completed. Therefore, the 37-year-old man and his brother Tristan, 35, remain under judicial supervision pending a new court decision scheduled for Wednesday, according to their spokesperson interviewed by AFP.

Both were arrested on Monday night at their residence in Bucharest, where they are under judicial supervision for another case. In the present case, these are suspicions that date back to 2012-2015 and that fall under the jurisdiction of the Westminster court, the communication team of the two brothers indicated in a press release. According to the same source, the complaints “had been rejected” in 2017-2019 but I have “resurrected” these last months.

The former world kickboxing champion, 37, followed by millions of Internet users, and his brother Tristán, 35, have “categorically rejected” these new accusations, saying “Shocked and deeply disturbed.” The Bucharest Court of Appeal must rule today on the extension of his detention.

They are suspected of being in charge of a network

The Tate brothers are currently awaiting trial in Romania in a separate organized human trafficking case, and are suspected by the courts of having deceived several women for sexual exploitation. The two men, who maintain their innocence, were arrested at the end of 2022 and spent three months in detention.

According to prosecutors, the victims were trapped by the two men, who simulated feelings for them (the so-called “loverboy” method) before forcing them to “through acts of physical violence and psychological coercion” to the production of pornographic films.

Andrew Tate is followed by almost nine million people on Twitter, where he shows off his bulging muscles, smokes cigars and fascinates millions of teenagers with his luxury cars. He promotes masculinist theses and gives advice to men to help them get rich. His name is one of the most searched on Google.

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