In turn, Clémentine Célarié “disassociates” from the support platform for Gérard Depardieu

The actress was one of sixty artists who defended the actor in a support forum at the end of December. Several personalities have already distanced themselves from the text.

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Actress Clémentine Célarié, May 18, 2022, in Cannes.  (VALERY HACHE / AFP)

One more. After Nadine Trintignant, Carole Bouquet, Gérard Darmon, Yvan Attal, Charles Berling, Jacques Weber and Pierre Richard, Clémentine Célarié steps back. She indicated on Tuesday, January 9, that she wanted “disconnect” from the platform of support for Gérard Depardieu, judging that she had “cheated” signing it and presenting your “Apologies to those he may have hurt.” “I want to completely disassociate myself from this platform,” he writes in a text sent to AFP.

“I was impulsive, I got carried away and I painfully regret it. I was wrong. I apologize to those whom I may have hurt, because I stand by their side with all my heart,” she adds. The actress is one of the sixty signatories of the platform of the pro-Depardieu camp that calls for “don’t delete” the icon of French cinema, published on Christmas Day in The Figaro.

Various “counterweights” and setbacks

The 75-year-old actor is the subject of three complaints of sexual assault or rape – which he denies – and is highly criticized for the broadcast on the program “Complément d’investigation” on France 2, at the beginning of December, of Images where he multiplies comments misogynistic and insulting towards women, but also towards a young ten-year-old rider. In addition, he has been accused of rape since 2020, following a complaint from a twenty-something actress, Charlotte Arnould.

Since then, this forum has given rise to several “counter-opinions”. Several personalities from the world of culture who initially signed it also distanced themselves – firmly or with nuances – later. “I have always wanted peace and love (…) My thirst for freedom and justice has always dictated to me that a person must be judged before being condemned,” says Clémentine Célarié, who will be on stage from January 18 in I am the mother of the executioner, in Paris.

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