In “TPMP”, Jacques Cardoze reveals excerpts from his “additional research”

Screenshot C8/TPMP Jacques Cardoze at the TPMP on February 1, 2024.

Screenshot C8/TPMP

Jacques Cardoze at the TPMP on February 1, 2024.

TELEVISION – Faced with attacks, Jacques Cardoze responds. The day after the publication of an article by Parisian in which it is revealed that Canal+ would be reluctant to broadcast its long-awaited documentary on France Télévisions called Additional research (either Additional research), the journalist now columnist in TPMP He responded this Thursday, February 1, by disseminating excerpts from his report.

In the regional newspaper, a Canal+ source would have stated about the program: “ It cannot be transmitted as is. It’s too violent. » The channel adds The Parisian, He would also be afraid of getting angry with France Télévisions by programming the program that highlights public service.

The first to respond to this article was Cyril Hanouna, reports TVMag. « Please note that it does not embarrass Canal+ at all and will be broadcast very soon on C8. “They went to the trouble of writing an article for nothing because I’m the producer and I can tell them it will be broadcast.” the driver assured during his daily broadcast this Thursday.

CSA, Hollande, glyphotests…

“It will air shortly before the season ends, don’t worry, we will have our “Additional Investigation””, also he said. It was he who launched the war against France Télévisions, after the broadcast of a number of Exhaustive investigation which was dedicated to him.

Jacques Cardoze, former presenter of the France 2 programme, was commissioned to carry out “additional investigation” to exact revenge. In the extracts distributed in TPMP this Thursday, reveals for example that the show Special delivery de Élise Lucet would have carried out, for the purposes of a report, “glyphotests” to determine to what extent glyphosate was present in the lives of the French. Only that the results, which show that all the tests were positive for this pesticide, would have been manipulated by the analysis laboratory, according to the scientist Hervé le Bars interviewed in the document.

Another clip was shown and it is “the most problematic”, assured Jacques Cardoze. This is the appointment process of the president of France Télévisions, “which according to François Hollande would be very transparent” during the 2012 presidential campaign, contextualizes.

The images then reveal a report that includes the words of Olivier Schrameck, president of the CSA from 2012 to 2019: “I received a phone call from François Hollande who asked me to avoid naming Marie-Christine Zaragosse and Emmanuel Hoog. »

The Slash and Adama Traoré platform

The minutes of François Hollande are also revealed. The former president responded that this phone call did not go against his commitments, since “expressed a position, that of the State… The CSA was completely free to take it into account or not”.

Another revelation: the France Télévisions Slash platform would have launched calls for donations to the Adama Traoré committee, named after this young man who died in 2016 during a detention, while the public service has the duty of neutrality. In the excerpt released recalling France Télé’s obligations, press articles about Adama Traoré’s brothers convicted of drug trafficking and imprisoned are highlighted.

In a final attack on his enemies, Cyril Hanouna ends: “Anyway, what I like is that we see people with their faces uncovered. And that we see guys who really come to testify and not with voices and silhouettes. That is very strong. »

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