In the middle of a storm Kate, Prince William’s forgotten nightmare

For several months, the Prince of Wales has been on the front line of the storm that has hit the Windsors. Although he tries to keep the balance of his kingdom, the heir to the throne also lives in dark times.

“He seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.” Here is the phrase, launched like a stream by the royal correspondent Rebecca English in the columns of daily mail . On Friday, March 22, a few hours before Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement on social media, the journalist followed Prince William to a homeless center. The latter then notices a “slight sadness in the eyes and a visible weight loss.” Two months before his wife revealed her illness, his father, King Charles III, 75, was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since then, Prince William has been juggling visits to his family, raising his children and increasing royal commitments. As the journalist explains, “it is remarkable that he has been able to achieve half of what he had undertaken in recent months, taking into account everything that is happening behind the scenes.”

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«Never explain, never complain»

Heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, the sovereign’s son has never wavered, at least in front of the cameras. As the motto says: “Never explain, never complain (never explain, never complain). Thus, after the first announcement of his father’s cancer, on February 5, it was he who was blamed for his good face at official events, formal missions and other visits by foreign dignitaries, instead of the eldest of he. Currently, the king undergoes chemotherapy once a week and has doctors’ recommendations to avoid crowds as much as possible, honoring his most important appointments from his home in Sandringham. To date, Queen Camilla, 76, takes over and undertakes numerous public engagements with Prince William. As for her stepson, we saw him at the beginning of March at the Western Marble Arch synagogue, in central London, as part of the international day dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. And at the end of March in a center for homeless people.

If until now we thought that the situation was well managed between Charles III and Prince William, we were less aware that the latter was experiencing an additional drama in the shadows. On January 16, his wife Kate Middleton also temporarily retired from her duties, after an abdominal operation and a convalescence of several months. Since the Princess of Wales became an iconic figure of the Crown, many royal fans were worried about her condition following her sudden disappearance. Concern grows even more after the publication of a fake photo on the occasion of Mother’s Day. In the process, numerous theories and ridicule flooded the internet, generating strong pressure on the family to “tell the truth.” On Friday, March 22, George, Charlotte and Louis’ mother posted a video to publicly announce that she, too, had cancer and had started chemotherapy. A “high-class act,” says royal correspondent Rebecca English, regarding Prince William’s reaction to the public’s lies.

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In his filmed message, and written by him according to Times, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis evokes this “enormous shock” that “William and (she) had to face privately.” Thus, the couple finally gave the reasons for their questionable communication: in the face of cancer, they wanted to take the time to digest the news and announce it as best they could to their children. In the process, many Internet users and even personalities, such as Blake Lively, apologized for having been harsh with them. “William and I did everything we could for the well-being of our young family,” Kate Middleton explains in her video. As you can imagine, it took us a while. It took me a long time to recover from a major operation to be able to start my treatment and, more importantly, it took us a long time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis, to be able to reassure them that I am going to get through this.” As for her husband, she recalled that “having him close (to her) is a great source of comfort and tranquility.” He, her “rock.”

The ghost of Prince Harry

Instinctively, we also say that William could, in this context, have had important support: that of his younger brother, Harry of Sussex, second son of Charles III and Lady Di. But for several years, both have been at war after the serious accusations – particularly of racism – made by Meghan and Harry against the monarchy. For several years now, the couple no longer lives in the United Kingdom, but in California. “We wish health and healing to Kate and her family (…) we hope they can recover in privacy and peace,” they wrote in a press release, with great reserve.

Therefore, in addition to their official commitments, widely discussed in the media, it is important to place human beings in this context. Certainly, Prince William has the makings of a future king, but he endures what few others can endure. As royal correspondent Richard Fitzwilliams explained to us, he is going through a “very difficult” situation. “If he has always tried to preserve his family’s privacy as much as possible, he is under pressure from all sides and will still have other challenges to overcome in order to reconcile his help to his father and Catalina, his royal commitments and his presence with his children.” Without However, he continues, sometimes it is in periods of extreme difficulty that we can hope to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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