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British comedian Tom Hollander says he mistakenly received a huge pill intended for Marvel star Tom Holland. The opportunity to meditate on the dizzying salary differences in the wonderful world of cinema.

British actor Tom Hollander, 56, who has been seen in supporting or third roles in some important productions. Pirates of the Caribbean either Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation He told the NBC set that he checked his email during the intermission of a play: “I had just filmed something for the BBC for about $30,000. (27,600 euros), and I told myself that I was very lucky and that I was fine. And in my emails there was a check addressed to Tom Holland. A seven-figure check, I’ve never seen that much money. My sense of self-importance disappeared immediately.” Hollander and Holland share the same agent, which would explain the bad deal. The story does not say whether Hollander received Hollander’s check instead.

the star of Spiderman, 27 years old, obviously doesn’t fit into the same category. According to various sources, the young actor has signed a contract for six films in the Marvel universe, starting with a supporting role as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War for 250,000 dollars, almost double that for Spider-Man: Homecoming then 3 million dollars for Avengers Endgame, 4 pour Spider-Man: Far From Home, and 10 for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Added to this, obviously, are the income generated by advertising, since Holland has been a muse for Prada. Having admitted to having gone through a strong alcohol addiction, she tries to renew herself by starring in the biographical film of Fred Astaire directed by Paul King.

The figures are dizzying and leave the best-paid French star system far behind, although Omar Sy’s contract for Netflix and the series Lupine It seems to have been quoted above 10 million euros. Dany Boon, actor, director, producer of the great success. Welcome to the Cht’is, He would have received 26 million euros. But on the Hollywood side, compared to the global scale of certain successes, the story is completely different. Margot Robbie, actress and producer of Barbie, according Variety, He received $50 million in salary and bonuses, but the amount seems really small compared to the more than $1 billion generated by the film. If this were truly the maximum sum, it would be far behind male equivalents like Johnny Depp ($185 million for the franchise). Pirates of the Caribbean), Keanu Reeves ($262 million for the trilogy) Matrix) or even Tom Cruise ($290 million for the franchise) Mission Impossible).

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