IN PRIVATE WITH Adriana Karembeu underwent IVF, became pregnant at 46: “The result was so beautiful”

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IVF is a process that many women go through to try to have a child. Adriana Karembeu agreed to talk exclusively about her experience with Purepeople in the third episode of “In private with”.

Adriana Karembeu underwent IVF to have her daughter Nina and tells about it for “In private with”, the exclusive program of “Purepeople”. © Purepeople, private with

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Adriana Karembeu trusted like few other times in this third meeting ofIn private with, the new broadcast format proposed by pure people. After meeting with Benjamin Castaldi and Alicia Aylies (Miss France 2017), it is the Slovakian former model and television presenter’s turn to participate in the exercise.

That’s good, the pretty 52-year-old blonde comes from the preface of the book. my gourmet kitchen, published by Comme j’aime, of which she is godmother. This collaboration was not calculated: “I met the head of the brand by chance. We talked about the show I do with Michel Cymès. It became a nice collaboration. It is important that people who want to lose weight are recommended.”

During this interview with pure peopleAdriana Karembeu spoke in particular about the birth of her daughter Nina, who is now 6 years old and who makes her happy. at the show What a time!, hosted by Léa Salamé, Christian Karembeu’s ex-partner indicated that she underwent IVF (in vitro fertilization) to get pregnant. A treatment that can be complicated, but which she coped quite well. I was so happy… and yet, yes, you have to give injections, in the stomach.”Remember, before putting things into perspective: There are so many worse things in life. and then the result was so beautiful. I didn’t suffer, but I imagine that there are women who can suffer from it, but I, personally, don’t.”

Adriana Karembeu talks about late pregnancies

After becoming pregnant in 2018, at the age of 46, the woman who had her daughter with businessman André Ohanian still wants to warn of the difficulties of having a child so late for a woman. “We keep saying that women want to work, that we want to have a career, that we are pretty, even later, and that we have a lot of energy, but with children we have to stop. Children should be born when we are small. because at 40 the probability of getting pregnant is 6 or 7%, so if you want to have two, it is complicated”explains Adriana Karembeu.

Exclusive comments cannot be reproduced without mentioning Purepeople.

The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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