In Kitchen Nightmare, Philippe Etchebest tries to save a restaurant “on the verge of sinking” in the Dordogne

“I think this is the first time this has happened in the history of Nightmare in the Kitchen.”, says Christian Baïetto to describe the filming of the show in the restaurant he runs with his wife in Allas-les-Mines (Dordogne). mid december, Philippe Etchebest appeared in front of “The Swan of Hope” with M6 cameras to try to save the inn.

As is usual in the program, the chef thought of starting by sitting down to taste the dishes on offer. Problem: the restaurant was closed! “It was Tuesday, but at that time we were only open on weekends, so Philippe Etchebest found himself in front of a closed door!explains Christian Baïetto.

“We didn’t know how to make ourselves known”

A situation that clearly illustrates what pushed this 55-year-old man to enroll in the program: “We were about to sink”. Originally from Provence, Christian and Béatrice, his wife, took over “The Swan of Hope” last August, after several years of running a creperie in the Lot. But the customers never came. “We opened too late in the season, we didn’t know how to make ourselves known”explains Cristiano.

After proposing traditional local dishes centered around goose For a few months they changed their formula for winter by offering savory buckwheat pancakes and pancakes. It didn’t work any better. “We haven’t had a salary for months.”says the restaurateur.

A customer riot

For the salon, Philippe Etchebest attracted clients “to test us”explains Cristiano. The evening went very badly. “There was a riot among the customers because it took too long. They demanded food”. Christian, in the dining room, and Béatrice, in the kitchen, cannot continue: “Normally we worked with 20, 25 people, and here we found ourselves with 46 people to serve. We did not think we would have this double the number of clients”. At midnight, Christian ends the service. Some customers didn’t eat.

Philippe Etchebest therefore had a lot to do. In the trailer released by M6 on their social networks, we see him get angry, especially when he opens a refrigerator in the kitchen: “It stinks, I won’t go in there.”. But with his famous frankness he managed to completely revitalize Christian and Béatrice. “He seems so severe but he has a heart of gold. He is an angel. He is really someone who is open, who understands people, who puts himself in their shoes and who gives very good advice.”.

“I told the boss things I had never told my wife”

The chef also improvises as a psychologist: “There are things I told the chef that I had never told my wife. I don’t know if he will be on the program or not in this part, but it was intimate with him”. Philippe Etchebest regularly receives news of the Périgord marriage : “He calls us, he knows everything day to day. He said he would always be behind us. We tell him we won’t give up.”

After the passage of Philippe Etchebest, the map was modified. Back to basics: Béatrice no longer cooks pancakes or crepes. she focuses on Périgord dishes and some recipes inspired by its Provençal roots. Booking requests have been coming in since the “Swan of Hope”’s participation in the show was announced. At the moment the restaurant is closed but Christian and Béatrice should reopen it in the coming weeks.

Kitchen nightmare is broadcast this Monday night at 9.10pm on the M6.

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