“I was tripping”: Mario Pelchat opened for Madonna at the Olympic Stadium in 1993 before 54,000 people

In the weeks leading up to his opening act for Madonna at the Olympic Stadium on October 23, 1993, Mario Pelchat remembers that he wasn’t particularly nervous.

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“When we are younger we are more carefree, more rebellious,” he explains in an interview with Diary30 years after this memorable evening.

Everything changed when he went on stage, aged 29, in front of 54,000 people.

He realized the magnitude of what he was experiencing.

“I was a shadow of myself,” he says. She was so nervous, stunned. “I couldn’t feel my limbs anymore, my hands were sweaty, I was a complete zombie.”

“I still did what I had to do and… I don’t remember how it happened. I just remember this sea of ​​people in front of me. She was looking at the musicians, she was tripping.”

An admirer like no other.

Although his memory wavers, Mario Pelchat remembers very well a spectator who offered him her unwavering support.

“At one point during the performance, I see a girl in the front row who seems so happy and excited that I’m there, who screams, who encourages me.”

Curious, he approached to see who it was.

“I thought it was a fan who follows me regularly, but it was… Céline.”

At that time, Mario Pelchat and Céline Dion had just recorded the duet. taller than mewhich appeared on the former’s self-titled album.

“I was very proud of myself,” the singer recalls with pleasure.

Madonna backstage and Céline in the front row, there are worse stories to tell, let’s say.

Madonna approved

Mario Pelchat, however, did not have the opportunity to speak with Madonna. The star had greeted him as she passed him in her limo, and that was it.

By the way, how did you manage to obtain this tempting mandate?

“I had just signed with Donald K. Donald for a tour of shows that would begin at the Spectrum a few weeks later. While producing Madonna at the Olympic Stadium, they were close enough to her team to offer them an opening act.

So they sent Mario Pelchat’s songs to Madonna.

“She listened to my material and gave her approval. She flattered me enormously because there were several of us applying for this position. So I was the one who had this wonderful opportunity.”

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