“I want to heal from a life that was stolen from me by someone who wanted to be number 1!” Cash and Shannen Doherty React to Alyssa Milano’s Response to Her Firing from Charmed

The Serie Delighted It delighted its fans between 1998 and 2006 for eight seasons (to watch and rewatch on Prime Video). But after the first three seasons, Shannen Doherty She left the series and was replaced by Rose McGowan. A change that, for more than twenty years, continues to raise questions. In December 2023, Holly Marie Combs (aka Piper), a guest on Shannen Doherty’s (Prue) podcast, stated that production told her, regarding Shannen Doherty’s firing, thatAlyssa Milano (Phoebe) threatened them with “sue them for hostile work environment” if they didn’t fire Prue’s interpreter.

Delighted : Alyssa Milano denies being responsible for Shannen Doherty’s firing

On Friday, February 2, Alyssa Milano was present at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, to answer questions from her fans. On this occasion, the public asked him to react to Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty’s comments about the latter’s expulsion from the Delighted. “That makes me feel sad. Neither for me nor for my personal life. I’m sad for the fans. “It saddens me that a series that means so much to so many people is now marred by a toxicity that continues to spread nearly a quarter-century later.”declared Alyssa Milano, ensuring that she did not “There is no power to fire anyone.“And to add:”A mediator was hired and, after speaking with cast and crew members, provided information about what needed to change for the series to continue.

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Delighted : Shannen Doherty responds to Alyssa Milano’s comments

But the conflict could not stop there and continues through filed declarations. At MegaCon itself, on Sunday, February 4, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, and Shannen Doherty came to answer fans’ questions. And Shannen Doherty chose to respond to Alyssa Milano’s reaction. “We simply told the truth, because the truth matters. At this point in my life, with my health diagnosis, having to fight this horrible disease every day of my life, it is very important to me that the truth be told versus the stories that others have maintained about me.“, stressed Shannen Doherty. And added: “I remember the events as if I were still living them, (…) it is for me a true trauma that I lived with for a long time. It was only through my battle with cancer that I decided to revisit this trauma and be honest about it, so I could recover from a life that was taken from me because someone wanted to be number 1 on the filming assignment sheet. It’s the truth.“And Rose McGowan concluded:”I’ll just say one last thing: we’ll protect you for a long time. (probably talking to Alyssa Milano), We protected you as much as we could. The two of us, all of us. And there’s a great actress, Katt Williams, who said something wonderful. : “Winners don’t let losers rewrite history.”

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