“I loved that it ended like that!” Nicolas Duvauchelle and Nina Meurisse react to the end of season 1 and give ideas for season 2

On Monday, February 5, France 2 broadcasts the last two episodes of season 1 of black hearts, As successful as the first and just as intense since the curtain falls on an unbearable cliffhanger that shows Sab in the hands of Zaïd (Moussa Maaskri) after the latter has managed to escape from the surveillance of Adèle (Marie Dompnier) in the labyrinth of alleys of the old city of Mosul. An ending to which Nicolas Duvauchelle and Nina Meurisse, who have trained within the special forces, react.

Black Hearts: “We shot it in twenty minutes” Nina Meurisse is confident about the season 1 finale

The curtain for season 1 of black hearts leans towards Adèle, Martin and others who discover that Ziad is holding Sab hostage. “It is a very powerful moment, Nicolas Duvauchelle begins. I loved that it ended there to kick off a super tense season 2. We want to go find Sab. She is a strong element of the group, we don’t want to leave her behind. “We are committed to pursuing it because we do not abandon the special forces.” Nina Meurisse, the interpreter of Sab, has an extraordinary memory from the filming of the fifth episode: “I loved it, it was my favorite moment because we shot it in ten days, recalls the actress with delight. Night shots are always times when time stops because people are sleeping. And there we were on the mountain, with the stars above, a strong wind… These are also moments in which the magic of cinema appears because a helium ball reproduces the light of the moon. Not to mention it’s weird to be alone playing for so long. Many times we are in a couple, we respond to someone… Ziad (Doueiri, the director, editor’s note) He told us it was going to be difficult but great. “I was waiting for these moments, I was not disappointed.”

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Nina Meurisse goes behind the scenes in the last scene, the one in which her character is in the hands of Zaïd. “We shot this scene in a studio in Paris. It was done in twenty minutes and was filmed with a small camera and where makeup plays an important role. says that the actress is expecting soon Fever, Ziad Doueiri’s new series for Canal+. What amuses me is seeing that it works very well when in reality… it’s just a bluff.” acknowledges Nina Meurisse, laughing.

What does season 2 have in store for us? black hearts ? The revelations of Nina Meurisse

If he will not be in charge of season 2 of black hearts, Ziad Doueiri promises to follow him closely. Even so, technicians and actors will return to Morocco in a few weeks to film the continuation of this series co-produced by France Télévisions and Amazon Prime and whose broadcasting rights have been acquired by the BBC. New episodes during which Sab should save himself… “Obviously I can’t tell you anything about season 2, recognizes Nina Meurisse, except that it is completely in continuity: we develop the tension announced at the end of season 1 and new characters appear.”

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