“I know her…” Jérémy’s witness tells Marie

This Monday, April 15, a new episode of the program Married at First Sight airs on M6. The opportunity for viewers to discover the marriage of Marie and Jérémy.

This Monday evening, viewers will be able to discover the continuation of the adventures of Tracy and Flo, Alicia and Florian, but also Marie and Jérémy in the show. Married at first sight. The 35-year-old almost never attended her wedding in Gibraltar with Jérémy. In fact, a few days before her wedding, Marie called Estelle Dossin, the program’s psychologist, and told her that she couldn’t get married, paralyzed by fear.

Marie (Married at First Sight) meets a close friend of Jérémy

When the young woman arrives at the wedding venue, the tension is palpable. In fact, Thibault, The groom’s best man and close friend realizes that he knows the bride-to-be. and share their information with those around them. The bride, for her part, feels very uncomfortable next to Jérémy during the presentations. Furthermore, neither the groom’s witness nor Marie comment on the nature of this relationship during the ceremony.

The rest after this announcement.

Only during the bride and groom’s banquet does Marie address the relationship she had with her husband’s best man and close friend Jérémy. “Thibault, do you know him?”, Jérémy then asks his wife, the latter responds affirmatively before adding: “Do you know him by sight?”. The young woman wasted no time in responding with a rather brief and evasive answer: “No, no, I don’t know him by sight, he’s from a long, long time ago.”an answer that failed to calm the young man…

The rest after this announcement.

Internet users are shocked

On social networks, the reactions of Internet users were immediate. In fact, viewers went wild during the introductions between Marie and Jérémy’s loved ones, feeling the discomfort and palpable tension behind this common knowledge, of which Jérémy was unaware.

“But who is he? “We demand to know”“It’s uncomfortable to see there,” either “The friend among the guests is not calm,” Can we read on the social network?

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