I had interviewed Cyril Hanouna and Yann Barthès: the president of the investigation commission on TNT generates controversy by going to the TPMP

On C8, Renaissance deputy Quentin Bataillon, also president of the commission of inquiry into TNT frequencies, attacked Quotidien (TMC) presenter Yann Barthès.

He provoked the ire of some of the political class by turning to the TPMP. Quentin Bataillon, Renaissance deputy, interviewed Cyril Hanouna and Yann Barthès, within the framework of the commission of inquiry into TNT frequencies, of which he is president. The objective of these meetings is to allow parliamentarians to question those responsible for the channels.

Present at C8 this Tuesday, April 2, the elected representative of the majority took the opportunity to take stock of the work carried out by this commission, but also to attack Yann Barthès, presenter of the Quotidien program, on TMC.

“It’s the first time I’ve gotten angry (…) He had a pretty arrogant attitude from the beginning!”@qbattallonpresident of the TNT investigation commission of the National Assembly, reacts to the attitude of Yann Barthès. #TPMP pic.twitter.com/ey2W7ygt2c

— TPMP (@TPMP) April 2, 2024

“I think it was the first time I got angry with the interviewees because there was a rather arrogant attitude and they refused to answer questions.It is justified. (…) La question du pluralisme est important, certes il ya les règles de l’Arcom, certes TF1 et TMC les respectent comme vous les respectez, sauf que le sujet du pluralisme est une question de confiance entre les citayens, les médias et las policies.”

He concludes: “Political parties must welcome all journalists during their events (…) but it is also the role of each channel to invite everyone.”

Quentin Bataillon, refers in particular to the statement of Yann Barthès, who had indicated that he would not invite members of the National Rally due to the violence suffered by his teams. “especially on the ground.”

Faced with this intervention by the deputy, many elected officials, especially on the left, reacted strongly on social networks. “TNT Commission of Inquiry: Quentin Bataillon will have to organize his own hearing”, the LFI deputy jokes on her X account, formerly Twitter.

“Mr. Quentin Bataillon, as president of a current parliamentary commission of inquiry, it is not appropriate to go to the set of an interviewed presenter to criticize another interviewed presenter. This goes against the impartiality necessary for this function.“, writes the spokesperson for the Socialist Party in X.

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