“I don’t take this job for granted”: Marc-André Grondin, star of the spy series “IXE-13 and the uranium race” and the film “The Successor”

The year 2024 is off to a good start for Marc-André Grondin. In addition to discovering for the third time the pleasures of fatherhood, the 39-year-old actor – who will soon turn 40 – will lead the new spy series. IXE-13 and the race for uraniumas well as the movie The successortwo projects that make him very proud and that forced him to leave his comfort zone.

“I am very lucky because these are two very beautiful projects that are born from the desire to try something different and take risks,” confesses Marc-André Grondin in an interview with Reuters. Diary.

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“As actors, sometimes we have the desire to go somewhere else because the basis of our work is to cross-dress and become another person. This is what I had the opportunity to do IXE-13 and The successor. “They were really two great game challenges.”

First let’s talk about IXE-13 and the race for uranium, a new series adapted from Pierre Saurel’s spy novels, which will arrive on the Club illico platform on February 15. Marc-André Grondin plays Jean Thibault, alias IXE-13, a Quebec spy who must return to service after participating in clandestine operations during World War II.

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The series written by Gilles Desjardins (The countries ofaloft) and produced by Yan Lanouette Turgeon (The impostor) explores a genre, the spy thriller, little addressed in Quebec, in addition to making us relive the Montreal of the Red Light and Cold War era.

Marc-André Grondin smiles when asked if he had ever dreamed of playing a spy on screen.

“I never had the impression that I had the physical profile to play a spy other than perhaps a James Bond from Pointe-aux-Trembles,” he says, laughing.

“Seriously, it was never a dream for me and I don’t have many acting fantasies anyway.”

“My fantasy is rather to do seven seasons of IXE-13. I really had a lot of fun. I think there really are a lot of things to do with this character and with this universe. I find it very fun to participate in a television project where each department can shine and leave aside what they love to do in life. From lighting to costume design to set design, there really is a lot of talent in this series.”

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a great year

If the two projects are published two weeks apart, The successor and IXE-13 and the race for uranium They are the fruit of a “big bad year” of work for Marc-André Grondin. From summer 2022 to spring 2023, the actor continued filming season 2 of Reasonable doubt, IXE-13 and The successor One after the other.

By his own admission, the filming of Successornew feature film by French filmmaker Xavier Legrand (To the hilt), was especially exhausting. Grondin plays an artistic director of a French haute couture house who must return to Quebec to settle the inheritance of his father, who has just died of a heart attack.

“It was very demanding in terms of energy,” he admits. My character is constantly in asthma attack, panic attack, intensity, stress. We were filming at night, in March, when it was cold. He was very distressing.”

“I asked myself throughout filming if what I was doing was right. But I had confidence in Xavier (Legrand). When he told me that he was very happy with the film, I told myself that my job was done. Afterwards, I hope people join in. It is a really interesting but also destabilizing cinematographic proposal.”

attract movies

At the dawn of his 40smy birthday, which he will celebrate next March, Marc-André Grondin admits to feeling more comfortable than before in his acting profession. In the past, the actor CRAZY and The Dumont Affair He asked many questions about his work and his profession. Although these doubts have not been completely dispelled, today they are less present than before.

“I still have doubts to the extent that I don’t take this job for granted. I know the phone can stop ringing. There I am aware that I have just spent three great years with really fun projects, but that does not mean that it will not be like this for 10 more years,” she says.

“I still have doubts about the stability of my job. But I think I’m more at peace with acting than before. I stopped myself from doing many things in my life because I didn’t take responsibility for many things and because I had preconceived ideas. This is less the case today.”

The successor hits theaters on February 2. IXE-13 and the race for uranium arrives at Club illico on February 15.

Marc-André Grondin on:

His role as producer

We’ve seen him evolve as an actor for more than three decades (he started in a commercial for Minute Maid at 3 years old!), but Marc-André Grondin has also played the role of producer for several years on series such as Dance! (written by Sarah-Maude Beauchesne) and The collection (made by Podz).

“Production allows me to look to the future with less insecurity,” he says. If overnight I no longer work as an actor, I will feel very good working as a producer, without being in front of the camera. My creative outlet is not games. My pleasure is creating businesses, having fun working as a team and taking advantage of everyone’s talent. It is a pleasure that I can also enjoy working in production.”

Your desire to act

Last year, Marc-André Grondin surprised everyone by impersonating Rambo Gauthier in a sketch of Goodbye 2022. This small role allowed her to explore comedy for a rare moment in her career.

“Except for ContinueIt’s true that I haven’t acted much in comedies. I would love to do more! For him Bye, I approached it as a composition role. The sketch made fun of Rambo Gauthier’s speech but I tried to reproduce it without making fun of it. It was the context that made it fun.”

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