“I didn’t have the impression of…”: Julia Vignali speaks candidly about her departure from Télématin for It’s Over

Julia Vignali has no regrets. Last summer, after co-hosting for two years Telematin Together with Thomas Sotto, the presenter announced, not without surprise, that she was leaving the morning show. France 2. Kad Merad’s partner thus succeeded Sophie Davant in the presentation ofDone deal, which he has presented daily since August 28. Present before the microphone France information This Monday, February 12, Julia Vignali returned to the reasons for her transfer: “Because we offer you an equally prestigious program. The closed deal was even before me in the beautiful afternoon weather of France Télévisions. It’s a show a bit like all the ones I’ve played so far, quite heritage, that is, a show that everyone knows. And I didn’t feel like I was abandoning the prey for the shadows, to say the least. Deal Made was already a highly watched show and people really liked this show. I was flattered to be asked to host.

Julia Vignali was convinced not to take any risks by taking the reins of a strong show like Done dealwhich recently attracted up to 1.6 million viewers: “I don’t want people to think I have a huge melon, but I didn’t worry too much that the matter was concluded because I find the machine, the format, the show to be strong.“Thus, Julia Vignali discovered a new passion for selling and searching for objects:”Then you have to be interested in the subject, because if you are not interested, the days become long. And honestly, I didn’t know if I was interested in the topic until I did it. I was especially interested in the idea of ​​taking over a program that was a success and perhaps being one of the figures who perform in the afternoons on France Télévisions. I hadn’t thought much about the content of the program. Once again, unconsciousness always! And a very pleasant surprise when I get to the set because not only do I like it, but much more.

I already have a passion for the history of objects. Auctioneers tell you the small stories in the big one, that fascinates me“continues Julia Vignali, who has no intention of leaving anytime soon Done deal. “Oh no, but this is good! I’m here, here I stay! I’m not moving anymore!

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